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Emily Whitton
By Emily Whitton,
updated on Jun 8, 2023

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Happiful's Member Success Consultant, Chloe, shares four questions that can help you identify your values

Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way that you live your life, and understanding your values can really help you to make the right decisions around work, relationships, and how you live your life each and every day.

Chloe Gosiewski, Member Success Consultant here at Happiful and a personal development coach, shares four questions that can help you to identify your values — so that you can start to live your life in a way that feels good to you.

If you'd like to watch a recording of this article, take a look at Chloe's video below.

It's important to write down your answers so that you can easily see your values in front of you. So grab yourself a pen and paper, your phone or however else you'd like to document your answers and let's begin...

What makes you happy?

Please write down something that makes you happy. Happiness is specific to each individual person and is an experience that has a positive effect on how you feel.
Once you have that written down, please write down why it makes you happy.

“Something that makes me happy is dogs and children. Why? Because they emit so much love and trust. This tells me that love and trustworthiness are some of my core values”, Chloe says.

What are you proud of?

Write down something you are proud of. Pride is a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of your own achievements. It could be something big and flamboyant or something personal and meaningful.

When you have your response to this written down, please elaborate on why you are proud of this.

Who is your role model?

A role model is someone you admire, whose behaviour or success inspires you in some way. The key to discovering your values will come from your why. So why is this person or people a role model for you?

“My role model is Dolly Parton because she is strong and fearless, she doesn't let anyone hold her back from trying and succeeding in the things that she wants to do. She also does everything with love, kindness, and humour. So from this, I can see love, again, kindness, courage, humour, and success.”

What's most important in your life?

Think about what the personal values are that you must honour or a part of you withers. “For me, the ability to express my creativity and try new things is a core part of what really makes me feel alive,” Chloe says. What is important to you?

Within your words in front of you, you'll be able to see keywords that highlight your personal values. Remember, your values are within you, but if you think that you'd find it helpful to work with a professional such as a coach, you can learn more and find the right coach for you on Happiful.

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