5 minutes to... find your inner peace

Emily Whitton
By Emily Whitton,
updated on Jun 1, 2023

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If you're finding that life is a little overwhelming and you'd like to lower your stress levels, try these simple techniques to help find your inner peace

In this article, we'll be guiding you through some quick and easy steps to help ground yourself when life feels a little overwhelming. Hannah, a Membership Services Executive here at Happiful, guides us through some ways that you can connect with your core and calm your mind.

What is inner peace?

“I like to think of inner peace as finding the space right at your core and allowing that to be — like the centre of a bubble, where there may be a lot swirling around the surface and a million things going on outside, in the centre, it's always calm and still, and it's that that we want to connect with,” Hannah says. Taking a moment to connect with your inner peace can have lots of positive mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

How do I find my inner peace?

It's probably safe to say that finding inner peace is easier when you're in an environment that is already peaceful, so that is where we're going to start.

If you have a quiet place that is shut off from the outside world, make use of this. You may have a quiet spot in your house, garden, car, or somewhere more open like a local park or wood. Once you have found your peaceful spot, take some time to make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes. Let the sounds around float into the distance. Maybe notice the sensation of the warm sun on your face or the wind on your skin.

Take your attention to your breath. Follow the sounds and sensations as you gently and intentionally breathe in and out, you should start to feel calmer. Your thoughts will start to slow down and your awareness of self should move from your head to your body.

As this shift happens, focus on your core and the space that is created there. There is no good or bad in this space. It's just being, and that's why it's so peaceful and calm. You could incorporate music, guided meditations or mindfulness app in this practice.

In this video, Hannah talks us through her quick and easy tips for finding inner peace.

Five minutes will make a difference, but you can take as long as you need. It's all well and good taking five minutes when you can grab some alone time, but what can you do if you're in the midst of chaos and need a moment of inner peace? Here are a few instant suggestions you can do on the go...

Take a conscious breath

With your eyes open or closed (depending on what's safe), take in one deep, conscious breath, hold it for a few seconds and then release. Don't worry if you make a noise — sighing can be really satisfying.

Focus on colour

Hannah's second tip is to stop and look around, pick a colour, and then look for five different shades of that colour. This will take your full attention and, again, take you out of your head.

Reconnect with touch

Touch is really important, so this is just a tip for reconnecting with your body. Take one hand and put it on your forehead. Take the other and put it on your tummy and just breathe for a few moments. Just allow that connection between your mind and your body to take place. You'll feel a shift and then you'll feel calm.

Inhale positive intentions

Lastly, Hannah has another breathing practice for you to try. It's very simply just to breathe in the positive intention and blow away any negative feelings. “I might choose to breathe in inner peace and blow away stress,” Hannah says.

The more often you practice these techniques, the easier they're going to become. So when you are in a midst of a stressful situation, it's gonna be much easier for you to connect.

Remember, there is no one way to find inner peace, but regularly calming your mind and connecting with your core will make it easier to do when you are in stressful situations.

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