Professional Opinions: Complementary therapist Victoria Page

Kathryn Wheeler
By Kathryn Wheeler,
updated on Apr 12, 2023

Professional Opinions: Complementary therapist Victoria Page

Complementary Therapist Victoria Page shares her thoughts on the holistic field and when it’s time to ask for help

Welcome to Professional Opinions, the series exploring the mental health and wellbeing landscape in 2023 through a collection of interviews with professionals from the Happiful directories.

This time, we’re speaking to Therapy Directory member Victoria Page about holistic therapies, and how respecting your needs can make for better business practices.

Based in Farnborough, Hampshire, Victoria is particularly dedicated to helping women in mid-life, who have lost a sense of self and femininity due to the menopause, ill-health, and life changes. Working together, Victoria aims to help them to restore their energy levels and vitality – and, ultimately, to feel fully alive again.

For Victoria, joining her profession was about following her dharma, her life purpose, to help others.

So, what’s her professional opinion?

What have you found to be the most surprising thing about the work you do?

How 'easy' it is to do my job. In fact, it never feels like work, and is always a natural unfolding with a client.

What do you like about your profession?

As a sole business owner, I love the independence of making my own decisions for my business, the directions I want to take, and who I get to work with.

Within the profession, there are many modalities to choose from, with new ones always coming out. Having the variety means that we can really dig deep into what resonates. Also, there's so much personal gain in learning a modality, with self-development/discovery/healing for ourselves as well as our clients.

What are some of the challenges that come with your line of work?

Not enough time, mostly. Too much time is spent on admin work, although it has to be done.

How do you address some of the challenges that you face?

As a sole business owner, taking on some help is essential. Whether it's a V.A. for admin support, or a cleaner at home, it will not only help you feel supported, it will also do good for your self-worth. Anything to help free up time so you can spend it on developing your business.

It never feels like work, and is always a natural unfolding with a client

What do you think could be done to improve the profession for you and for others?

Getting more awareness, understanding, and respect for complementary therapies, so we are even more understood by GPs, the public, and anyone that's at the end of their tether and doesn't know where to turn to next.

So perhaps this is to do with promoting the holistic field, integrative health whilst the NHS seems to be collapsing. Maybe we need one central body that encapsulates all types of modalities if we are to be taken more seriously.

What do you see being some of the major challenges your profession will face in the next 10 years?

There will be many of us, with a risk of insufficient training. I hear such comments about proper training already.

Personally, my ethics will only allow me to do things officially, properly and authentically, so this will not change. I only learn and give my best with whatever's available at the time.

I have a curious mind, and a thirst for knowledge so will continue with studying and learning new subjects, keeping up to date with the topics I love and sharing what I learn. If I ever developed a training school or academy, authenticity and best practice would be central to my mission statement.

What advice would you give to others in the profession?

Work with a mentor/coach to keep you accountable to your goals and purpose. Have a business plan and plan your quarters to keep on track with your goal.

Don't take on too much, finish things before you move onto the next so you're not distracted and become overwhelmed. Employ help as soon as you are able. Do talks and take opportunities when they come up, especially if it stretches your comfort zone.

Keep a purpose statement where you can see it so you can remember why you do what you do when things are feeling challenging. Ask clients for feedback/testimonials, not just for prospective clients to see but to keep you inspired, reminding you what a wonderful human being you are, caring about others and being a positive light in the world.

Victoria Page

Diplomas in Anatomy Physiology & Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Manicure & Spa Manicure, Reflexology. Certificates in Hopi Ear Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Crystal Healing, Fascia-Energy Connection, Lemurian Attunement Facilitator, Palliative Care & Complementary Therapies, Aromatouch Technique, Intuitive Healer Psychic & Shamanic Healing Techniques. Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Rahanni Celestial Healing Teacher. Member of the CMA, CThA, ARA.

Find out more about Victoria and connect with her on Therapy Directory.

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