Join the free webinar that explores practical solutions to racism

Kathryn Wheeler
By Kathryn Wheeler,
updated on Jun 12, 2020

Join the free webinar that explores practical solutions to racism

The webinar will offer a global perspective on racism, and look at the practical things each and every one of us can do to create an equal world

We all have the power to make real and tangible change in the world around us. Standing up and addressing the racism that is still very prevalent in our societies is something that should be topping our priority lists.

Education is a vital step to moving towards a more progressive and inclusive world, and there are many fantastic, informative resources out there that we can all access and learn from. But beyond that, what are the practical solutions that we can take to make an immediate difference?

These are questions that are hoped to be answered in the free webinar: Racism – Practical solutions.

Hosted by Andrea Brown, from Lincolnshire UK, and Belinda Brown, New York USA, the Zoom panel discussion is taking place Friday 12 June at 6 PM BST.

The webinar will feature five panellists from around the world, who will be providing viewers with a global perspective on current issues. Diving into their own personal experiences, as well as answering questions and discussing examples of racism, you can expect to hear from:

  • Luvaghn Brown – civil rights activist
  • Yomi Salawu – senior clinical lecturer and consultant on stroke rehabilitation
  • Matthew Wintrip – senior EMEA recruiter
  • Sarah Smith – strategic management of global brands
  • Kike Ogunlela – forensic psychiatrist

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Join the webinar Friday 12 June at 6 PM BST

“When future generations ask what you did, how will you respond?” Asks Andrea, reflecting on how the Black Lives Matter movement has quickly become the largest civil rights movement in history. “We cannot wait to be shocked again, and retroactive to the next horrific event.”

“It's not enough anymore just to say that you are not racist while seeing and hearing racism all around you and remaining silent,” explains Belinda. “We all have a responsibility to put our values into very real everyday actions that can be seen, heard, tracked, and measured.”

Reflecting on their lived experience as mixed-race woman with ancestors who ‘have both been slaves as well as beneficiaries of slavery’, both Belinda and Andrea aim to use their unique insight to progress the movement from education into actions.

“We have been the recipients of privilege because of the shade of our skin,” they explain. “We have been accepted and allowed because our mothers were white, and we have taken advantage of this. People need to understand that when one group benefits in this way another suffers.”

Now, more than ever, it’s vital that we continue the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement, so that we can enact change that creates an equal, dignified, and compassionate world.

To register to join the webinar simply send your email address to [email protected].

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