5 Quotes from Life Coaches to Inspire You Through Tough Times

Kathryn Wheeler
By Kathryn Wheeler,
updated on Nov 16, 2020

5 Quotes from Life Coaches to Inspire You Through Tough Times

Five life coaches on creating a strong mindset for getting through the corona crisis

In tough times, the right words at the right time have the power to completely change your mindset. Speaking of changing mindsets, life coaches are experts in the art of it – and here, we’ve collected together five quotes that will uplift and inspire you.

Brené Brown

Where do we begin when navigating such different and challenging times? How can we support ourselves and others? Brené Brown is trying to answer these questions and more over on her Instagram page, and on her podcast, ‘Unlocking Us’.

Jay Shetty

The purpose coach and online content creator has amassed an incredible following of 35 million people across his social media platforms. And he’s asking you to reassess what matters to you and to your relationships now, and every day going forward.

Gregg Braden

The New York Times best-selling author seamlessly brings together science and human potential in his thinking that hopes to uplift and comfort you through difficult times. Head to his Instagram page to listen to Q&As, and find links to his YouTube channel and podcast.

Gabrielle Bernstein

Anxiety is at the forefront of most of our minds at the moment. Of course, this is completely normal – but before things get overwhelming, coach and speaker Gabrielle Bernstein is here to offer words of wisdom, and gentle prompts to help soothe your worries.

Anita Moorjani

Sometimes, when everything around you feels loud and overwhelming, it pays to look inward and tune in with your needs. That’s what Anita Moorjani is asking you to do. Follow her guidance, and make your wellbeing a priority.

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