6 films that will change your life, for the better

Kathryn Wheeler
By Kathryn Wheeler,
updated on Mar 8, 2024

6 films that will change your life, for the better

Settle down with these thought-prompting films

Films have the ability to change our lives. With stories that open up other experiences to us, and characters who navigate the forces that we also face in our own lives, the right film at the right time can be transformative.

Here, we’re rounding up six films that will change your life for the better. From surreal moments that invite us to take a step back to reflect on the world around us, to intimate character studies that can teach us about the choices that we make, open your mind with these options.

1. Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

Since its release, reviewers can’t stop talking about Everything Everywhere All at Once, and for good reason. When an interdimensional rupture unravels reality, Evelyn must fight bizarre threats from the multiverse. What might appear at first glance to be a larger-than-life surreal, action-packed thrill-ride, has some incredibly potent messages about family, love, and the lives we choose to live. You’ll laugh and cry in equal measure, and it might even prompt you to reflect on the things that truly matter in your own life.

2. Amélie (2001)

For anyone who has ever felt stuck on the sidelines, like you don’t quite fit in, and for the introverts quietly going about their lives, this film will make you feel seen like never before. Watch as Amélie makes the decision to fix other people’s lives – but her endeavour leads her to discover much more…

3. The Kings of Summer (2013)

There’s something truly special about coming-of-age films done right, and The Kings of Summer is exactly that. Three teenage boys decide to leave their dysfunctional families behind and live an isolated life in the woods. With plenty of laughs, and a careful look at the relationships we have with our families, this film is the perfect prompt for reflection on the things we’re all running from.

4. Swiss Army Man (2016)

A film like nothing else you’ve seen, with career-topping performances from Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano, Swiss Army Man follows Hank, as he's stranded on an island. He notices a body, which slowly starts to come to life as the two embark on a fantastical adventure. It’s surreal, moving, and sometimes uncomfortable, and it will have you questioning the reality each of us live in.

Content warning: This film contains references to suicide that some viewers may find distressing.

5. The Truman Show (1998)

Life is simpler when you go through it without questioning things, and The Truman Show is a cinematic touchstone for pursuing a true reality. Truman is oblivious to the fact that his life is a TV show and everyone he knows is an actor – until he starts uncovering the truth.

6. JoJo Rabbit (2020)

Adapted from the book by Christine Leunens and directed by Taika Waititi, JoJo Rabbit is the hilarious and deeply moving story of Hitler Youth cadet Jojo Betzler, whose limits are tested when he finds a Jewish girl in his house. This film will have you reflecting on the innocence of childhood, and the ways that young people navigate the adult world.

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