Charity Urges Us to Talk Mental Health at Work

Kathryn Wheeler
By Kathryn Wheeler,
updated on Jan 25, 2018

Charity Urges Us to Talk Mental Health at Work

We’d rather talk to colleagues about sex than our mental health – survey

A Time to Change survey of 2,000 British workers asked participants to select topics they would be comfortable talking about with colleagues, from a list provided. Results revealed that only 13% felt comfortable talking about their mental health at work – the lowest score of the 10 topics – with responses showing we’re more comfortable talking about sex (18%) and money problems (26%).

Despite this, over half of all participants from the same study said that they would support a colleague if they noticed they were struggling with mental health.

Sue Baker OBE, director of Time to Change, urges us to break the barrier, saying: “Let’s add talking about mental health into the usual mix of workplace conversations about relationships, money and even sex – it could make all the difference to those of us who could be struggling.”

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