Bupa Mind Media Awards 2019 Celebrates Leaps Forward in the Mental Health Conversation

Kathryn Wheeler
By Kathryn Wheeler,
updated on Nov 14, 2019

Bupa Mind Media Awards 2019 Celebrates Leaps Forward in the Mental Health Conversation

The award ceremony hosted by mental health charity Mind highlighted the agenda-setting work by individuals and organisations to keep mental health in the spotlight

According to a poll by the mental health charity Mind, people believe journalists have more influence over public attitudes to mental health than politicians do.

Sensitive, sympathetic, and challenging coverage of mental health topics has been on the rise in recent years – and it’s making a difference. Findings in Samaritans’ most recent annual report on suicide shows a significant decrease in male suicide in the UK – the lowest in 30 years – something that the charity attributes to suicide prevention campaigns.

This year hosted by Radio 1 DJ Greg James, the Bupa Mind Media awards is a night to acknowledge and celebrate the work that has been done to propel the conversation forward. Happiful was delighted to be shortlisted in the publication category, in great company with other organisations.

So who made waves in the mental health conversation this year? Here’s a run-down of the inspiring winners of this year’s Bupa Mind Media awards.

News and current affairs

Channel 4 News

Dedicated to broadcasting films and investigations into a range of mental health topics, Channel 4 stood out for their stories that bring different perspectives to the foreground, including films looking at the ways that having a parent with a mental health problem affects children, as well as the impact of having a father in prison.


Mental Health Monday: Lost Childhoods – Radio City Talk: Liverpool

For the second year in a row, Radio City Talk impressed judges with their work that explored the lives of children lost to suicide – including a four hour episode where host Mick Coyle spoke to the parents of children who had completed suicide. As part of the campaign marking the start of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week, 226 shoes were laid on the steps of St George’s Hall in Liverpool to represent the young people who take their lives each year.


MQ Open Mind: How can we work together to prevent suicide? – MQ: Transforming Mental Health

Created by mental health charity MQ – who work to support research into mental health – this podcast series brings together scientists, professionals, and people with lived experience of mental health problems to discuss the topics that matter to them, and to explore current research and the way that it may change the way we treat mental health in the future.


ITV Lorraine’s Shine a Light Campaign – ITV Studios, ITV 1

A campaign that focused on challenging taboos around lesser spoken about mental health problems, Shine a Light invited Mel B, Rita Simons, and Anna Carteret to discuss PTSD, OCD, and bipolar disorder – tackling common misconceptions and proving that it’s still possible to live a full and happy life through mental illness.


Marverine Cole – Black Girls Don’t Cry, BBC Radio 4

Marverine Cole looks at why women of African-Caribbean heritage are more likely to live with a range of mental health problems – including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and OCD. In her documentary, Black Girls Don’t Cry, Marverine also looks at the upsetting rise in self-harm rates among black women aged 16–34.

Student Journalist

Rosie Dowsing – Fathers on the Edge: Are new dads being failed?

In her piece Fathers on the Edge: Are new dads being failed? Rosie Dowsing from City University listens to stories from new fathers, looking at the stigma and loneliness that many face, often unsupported.


Veterans in Crisis, JPI Media Investigations

Founded in July 2018, Veterans in Crisis aimed to highlight the lack of government support for ex-service personnel living with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. As part of their investigation, JPI Media Investigations worked with families affected by suicide, with the hope that by shining a light on this devastating problem, the government will take action.

Digital Champion

Rosie Cappuccino, Talking About BPD

Using her blog, Talking About BPD, Rosie Cappuccino speaks out about her own experience with BPD with the aim of breaking down taboos, addressing the stigma that often comes with personality disorders. Creating an online refuge for others experiencing similar things, Rosie’s blog is an accessible source of comfort for many.


Iraq: A State of Mind – BBC Arabic Documentaries

Counselling Directory, part of the Happiful family, was the proud sponsor of the documentary category which saw a fantastic selection of entries. Exploring the mental health crisis that has been a reality for people living in Iraq for 40 years through major wars and political unrest, Iraq: A State of Mind looks at the stigma that comes with struggling with mental health as well as what is being done to help.


The Virtues – Warp Films, Channel 4

Directed by Shane Meadow, and inspired by his own experience with anxiety and depression, The Virtues follows Joseph – a recovering alcoholic – as he travels to Ireland to revisit his childhood and painful past.

Soap or Continual Series

The Archers – BBC Radio 4

A move that normalises reaching out for help, in this storyline, character Elizabeth Pargetter seeks help from a counsellor where she explores her struggles and uncovers deeper traumas that are shaping her mental health.

The Loose Women Lighten the Load Hero Award

Peter Martin

Nominated by his wife Hayley, Peter has been there for her through severe anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, PTSD, and OCD. For Hayley, one of the ways that she saw how Peter supported her was in the cups of teas that he brought her on a daily basis. That small gesture had a huge impact on her mental health throughout her life.

Speaking Out

David Harewood

When David Harewood made a documentary speaking about his experience with psychosis, he was breaking down a huge taboo about a very commonly misunderstood mental illness. Touching, uplifting, and empowering, Psychosis and Me was David’s opportunity to shine a light on an important topic.

Making a Difference

Sir Norman Lamb

MP for North Norfolk for 18 years, Norman Lamb has consistently been fighting for better mental health support. Inspired by his own experience navigating the mental health system when trying to find support for his son, Norman worked to introduce the first waiting times and access standards for mental health, moving mental health crisis care to the top of the political agenda.

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