8 non-stereotypical Father’s Day gifts

Kathryn Wheeler
By Kathryn Wheeler,
updated on Jun 4, 2021

8 non-stereotypical Father’s Day gifts

Forget tools, beer, and shaving products, we’re rounding up eight non-stereotypical gifts for Father’s Day, to let them know you care

We’re all individuals, with unique interests, passions, likes, and dislikes. And yet, when it comes to Father’s Day gifts, a lot of the offerings fall back on tired stereotypes.

Now, we’re not saying that tools aren’t handy, or that scented shaving products aren’t a treat – but for dads who like something a little different, we’ve gathered together eight gifts that are as unique as they are.

1. Personalised reusable drinks tumblers, SHO

As many of us are striving to be more environmentally friendly, reusable cups are all the rage – and the selection of drinks tumblers SHO are a stylish addition to anyone’s eco-efforts. The SHO Pacto tumblers come in a range of shades and can be personalised with a name or message. Great for preserving the heat of hot teas and coffees, as well as keeping cool summer drinks at the optimal temperature for sipping in the sun, the tumblers also come with a lifetime guarantee, and 10% of SHO profits are donated to charity.


SHO-Pacto-Pastel drinks tumbler

2. Children’s Footprint Kit, Lucy Coggle Designs

For sentimental dads who enjoy a bit of art and crafts, the footprint kits from Lucy Coggle Designs offer up everything you need to create two personalised prints. With baby-safe ink, and coming in sizes from newborn up to 12-years-old – gift dads the final product, or wrap up the complete set to do together.

From £28,


3. Songwriting cards, The Song in my Head Ltd

Got a hunch that your dad has a song inside him, just waiting to be explored? The Songwriter Cards from The Song in my Head Ltd are designed by two professional musicians, to help newbies write their own songs. Each deck comes with 110 cards which help to prompt and inspire everything from style to structure, melody, lyrics, and harmonies.



4. Book subscription, The Sustainable Book Club

For the readers out there, you can’t go wrong with a book box from The Sustainable Book Club. Each box contains a pre-loved book and a selection of treats, and you can choose between a one-off box or a subscription. The book you receive is a surprise – though you can pick between fiction, non-fiction, and children. What’s more, 10% of profits are donated to Cruse Bereavement Care.

From £18,

Sustainable book club box

5. Ethical plants, Canopy Plants

Sustainable and ethically minded, Canopy Plants are an online plant shop with an eco focus. Offering a wide array of plants, as well as a plant subscription (with a budget-friendly option available) that can come with or without a unique plant pot, green-fingered dads will love the unique variety on offer.

From £10,

House plants

6. Memories from your Father journal, Emily Rollings

Beautifully bound and presented, the Memories from you Father journal offers prompts to help dads record their life stories, words of wisdom, and special memories – the result being a book that’s set to be passed down through the generations. With 112 prompted pages, this is a journal like no other.



7. Bamboo socks, Bare Kind

You can’t go wrong with quirky socks, and the collection from Bare Kind offer another layer of feel-good. Each sock features a different endangered animal, and 10% of the profits from the socks are donated to the animal featured on the pair. From orangutan to penguins, turtles to bees, take a stand for animal conservation.


Bare Kind socks

8. Slow fashion overshirts, Uskees

Standing up to fast fashion with their 100% organic cotton shirts – that each includes a mini repair kit and a free comprehensive repair service where you can send the garment away to be fixed and returned to you – a Uskees shirt is the perfect thing for dads who value durability and sustainability when it comes to clothes.


Uskees overshirt

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