74% of women are experiencing poor mental health due to cost of living crisis

Kat Nicholls
By Kat Nicholls,
updated on May 17, 2023

Woman resting head on hands, looking worried.

New research from mental health charity Mind reveals staggering statistics on how we’re coping with the cost of living crisis

According to research published by Mind, nearly three-quarters of women in England and Wales say their mental health is negatively affected by the cost of living crisis.

Of those who say their mental health has been affected, 61% note that the cost of living crisis has made them more anxious and stressed. 48% say they’re feeling depressed, 36% say they feel lonely and over half are having difficulties sleeping.

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is focused on anxiety, and it seems clear that in order to raise awareness of conditions like this, we must also raise awareness of their causes.

Worryingly, the research from Mind also revealed that many of those experiencing a negative impact on their mental health are not getting help. 77% haven’t accessed support from mental health charities, 70% haven’t sought help from online resources and 56% haven’t accessed support from their GP.

Mind is therefore encouraging those in need to reach out for help. The statistics show that often this can be easier said than done. With money worries taking up so much headspace, finding help may slip to the bottom of the priority list. There may be a fear of not being listened to, or difficulty making an appointment with a GP.

Putting off getting help however can lead to a downward spiral, as stress piles up without being dealt with until you find yourself in crisis.

“The uncertainty of watching as our costs spiral can be difficult to bear and having so much to deal with can affect our mental health.” Says Sarah Hughes, Chief Executive of Mind.

“Despite this, looking after our mental wellbeing is often last on our list. It’s really important that we all get the support we need - this is a mental health emergency that everyone is going to need help to deal with.

“We know we can’t fix the cost of living crisis but support for your mental health is out there and we are here for you. This includes through Mind’s Infoline, online community, Side by Side and the useful information available on our website.”

If you resonate with the statistics shared here, these are some resources you might find helpful:

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