6 comics that perfectly capture everyday anxiety

Kathryn Wheeler
By Kathryn Wheeler,
updated on Sep 9, 2020

6 comics that perfectly capture everyday anxiety

Follow the illustrators turning their experiences with anxiety into works of art

Most of us will experience periods of anxiety throughout our lives. Even so, sometimes a condition like anxiety can feel incredibly isolating, as we struggle to put what we’re going through into words.

But when words don’t quite cut it, art steps in. Here, we’ve gathered together six cartoons that perfectly capture what it feels like to live with anxiety.

1. Shitty Watercolour

Shitty Watercolour shares simple, relatable cartoons that capture both the reality of mental health problems and a sense of hope for the future. Touching on anxiety, depression, and the general quirks of everyday life, he expertly taps into the thoughts and worries that we’re all familiar with.

2. Introvert Doodles

Breaking her experience with anxiety down into comics that address the different ways it touches her life, Introvert Doodles highlights how an anxious mind can spiral, prompting us to question our own thought-processes in a gentle, conscious way.

3. Anxious Annie

Anxiety often comes hand-in-hand with some unique quirks, and that’s something that Anxious Annie illustrates effortlessly in her artwork that's bound to leave you saying, ‘I thought that was just me!’

4. Josie Doodles

These understated drawings mix uplifting messages and affirmations with illustrations of situations that those living with anxiety will be all-too familiar with. Feel seen and uplifted by these simple works of art.

5. Journey to Wellness

Mixing sweet cartoons with practical advice, the illustrator and counsellor behind Journey to Wellness tunes into areas of daily anxiety that we can all take steps to ease with mindfulness, affirmations, and self-love.

6. fthelines

Embarking on a challenge to draw 365 comics in a year, Andrew Folts often touches on anxiety and stress in his engaging work that provides logical solutions to the illogical thoughts that can overwhelm us when anxiety hits.

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