5 ways building self-esteem paves the way to success

Kat Nicholls
By Kat Nicholls,
updated on Aug 3, 2022

5 ways building self-esteem paves the way to success

Whatever your version of success is, chances are self-esteem can help you get there

A lot of us have been inspired by the Lionesses recent brilliant victory, perhaps because it reminds us just how truly capable we are, even when faced with assumptions and obstacles. It’s also encouraged a lot of us to think about success - what does it mean to us, and how can we get there?

Defining your own version of success is an important first step. Society likes to bombard us with messages on what success looks like, but following your own dreams will help you not only find success but fulfilment, too.

And when it comes to getting there, I believe self-esteem plays a pivotal role. That and perhaps a helping of determination. Success for me has always been centred around doing what I love – writing. After studying writing at university, I fell into the world of retail and it took me many years to finally find the job I’m in today, where I get to write every day.

It wasn’t an easy journey, but building my self-esteem (and resilience) along the way opened a lot of doors. Here’s what self-esteem can do for you as you seek your success.

1. It reminds you of your value

You may well get knocked back a few times as you strive for what you want in life. When we have a healthy sense of self-esteem, we know our inherent value and worth. This means, that no matter how many times people knock us down, we know we have something of value to offer and we keep going.

This value we hold is like a rock within us. It’s always there but sometimes dirt can pile up around it, hiding it from view. Working on your self-esteem and self-worth can help you clear the dirt and find a sense of steadiness. Whether you find success in the way you thought you would, or you find something completely different, knowing your value means fulfilling your potential.

2. It opens you up to more opportunities

Self-esteem is the foundation of confidence. When we value ourselves and what we have to bring to the world, we feel more confident about going after it. This may mean we’re more likely to take risks, explore opportunities presented to us and say ‘yes’ out of excitement instead of saying ‘no’ out of fear.

Here’s a quick mindset shift to try:

When an opportunity is presented to you that you feel nervous about (perhaps a public speaking gig, for example), ask yourself ‘what can I gain from this?’. This can take our minds out of risk-seeking and shift it into opportunity-seeking, helping us make a more informed decision.

3. It helps you to reveal your strengths

Hands up who was told off for ‘showing off’ as a child? Being boastful has long had negative connotations for many of us, but sometimes seeing it as a bad thing stops us from progressing. Perhaps at work, you tend to let others have the spotlight to be seen as ‘nice’ or ‘humble’, or avoid highlighting your skills to avoid being seen as a ‘show-off’.

The truth is, by hiding your strengths, you’re also hiding yourself from potential success. Building your self-esteem can help you identify and lean into your strengths, revealing them and exploring what unfolds. Not sure what your strengths are? Take a look at this free strengths finder survey.

4. It helps you build resilience

I mentioned earlier that determination is another factor in finding your version of success, and resilience is essential for this. Resilience helps you ride the inevitable ups and downs of life so you can keep going. It’s not about staying positive against all odds, it’s about acknowledging the lows and reminding yourself that this is temporary.

Having a solid foundation of self-worth and self-esteem helps with resilience because you know your worth. You know that you can ride this roller coaster called life and seek out what makes you happy because you have value to share.

5. It helps you protect your boundaries

Having healthy boundaries means protecting your energy. It’s an essential form of self-care, but many of us can struggle with them. Building self-esteem helps us remember our worth and deservedness, because hey… We deserve self-care.

Knowing this in our core makes setting and maintaining boundaries that much easier so we can take care of ourselves, lower stress and maintain the energy we need to do what we do best (whatever that may be!).

Whether your version of success is winning trophies like the Lionesses or feeling content in the moment, you have everything you need already inside of you.

If you’re finding it hard to build your self-esteem, you may benefit from self-esteem coaching. Learn more and find a coach to support you at Life Coach Directory.

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