5 reasons to try reflexology

Kat Nicholls
By Kat Nicholls,
updated on Jan 21, 2024

5 reasons to try reflexology

Looking for a holistic therapy to bring balance to your body? Reflexology, could be just what you need. Here are five reasons to dip your toe into the world of reflexology...

1. To uncover imbalance

As your reflexologist massages your reflex points (places on your feet and hands believed to correspond to areas of the body), they may notice some feel different (perhaps ‘grainy’). This indicates an imbalance in the corresponding part, revealing where work is needed.

The aim of reflexology is to use massage on the reflex points to restore energy flow through the entire body, and uncovering any imbalance is a key part of this.

2. To aid natural healing

Our bodies have some incredible natural healing powers, but sometimes they just need a gentle nudge. Reflexology can offer this, stimulating the reflex points thought to correspond with the internal systems responsible for healing.

As reflexology is non-invasive, it acts as a complement to other treatments you may be receiving. You can think of reflexology as a way of supporting your body through the healing process, giving it a helping hand.

3. To de-stress

Our feet are often neglected, as we stand on them and tuck them away in shoes for hours on end. Reflexology offers space to give them (and us) some much-needed TLC. The process is relaxing as you are often seated or lying down in a calm environment as the reflexologist gets to work. While there may be areas of tension, overall the massage should feel pleasant, helping you rest in a state of deep relaxation.

Regular reflexology sessions make rest a habit. This only enhances the other benefits of reflexology, as less stress means a better-performing immune system, better sleep, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

4. To ease pain

Some people turn to reflexology to support pain relief. The relaxing nature of the treatment can help lower perceived pain interpretation, while stimulating the body’s healing systems to help deal with the root issue.

If you’re experiencing pain, visiting your GP is important. Reflexology can complement treatment advised by your doctor, helping you carve out essential self-care time, but do get medical support, too.

5. To lift your mood

Reflexology is a complementary approach, and can be a wonderful companion to talk therapies and other interventions to support your mental health. By promoting restful sleep, encouraging balance and reducing stress, the therapy can help us feel more energised and uplifted.

Our minds and bodies are interconnected, and reflexology is considered a holistic therapy, meaning it doesn’t solely work on the body. The balance it’s restoring may be emotional, helping to remove blocks or release negativity.

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