100 ways to relax and unwind

Kathryn Wheeler
By Kathryn Wheeler,
updated on Apr 9, 2024

100 ways to relax and unwind

It should be the easiest thing in the world, but the reality is that switching off isn’t always straightforward. From the micro to the macro, we share 100 suggestions for ways to find moments of relaxation each and every day

  1. Sign up for a library card and check out some books.

  2. Listen to a song that makes you think of summer.

  3. Plant some seasonal bulbs in the ground or containers.

  4. Go forest bathing.

  5. Pull on some wellies and go for a muddy walk.

  6. Try a 10-minute yoga routine.

  7. Listen to an audiobook.

  8. Wander around a free museum.

  9. Complete a jigsaw puzzle.

  10. Take a luxurious shower.

  11. Try a dance workout.

  12. Write a poem about the view out of your window.

  13. Search for treasures in a charity shop.

  14. Try a new kind of tea and savour the flavor.

  15. Re-read a book from your childhood.

  16. Visit a local historical site.

  17. Experience the power of your senses with aromatherapy.

  18. Pick a new recipe from a cookbook and give it a go.

  19. Go for a swim at your local leisure centre.

20. “I enjoy listening to a comedy podcast.” – Rebecca Thair, Editor-in-Chief


  1. Write down your five-year plan.

  2. Learn some self-massage techniques.

  3. Put on a film you’ve been meaning to watch.

  4. Experiment with making bread.

  5. Try a guided meditation.

  6. Learn a new card game.

  7. Make a playlist of your personal feel-good songs.

  8. Go for a brisk walk around your local area.

  9. Visit a café and try something new.

  10. Catch up with an old friend.

  11. Try bird-watching out of your window.

  12. Make a vision board of your future goals.

  13. Follow a breathing exercise.

  14. Go for a walk’n’talk with a friend.

  15. Rearrange a small section of your home.

  16. Have a candlelit dinner.

  17. Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’.

  18. Create a new skincare routine.

  19. Write a list of the things that bring you joy.

40. “My favourite way to relax is to settle down with a knitting project.” – Kathryn Wheeler, Features Editor


  1. Wake up early to watch the sunrise.

  2. Watch a comedy series.

  3. Try a relaxing stretching routine.

  4. Try a new hobby with a friend.

  5. Hold an inverted yoga pose (any pose where your heart is above your head).

  6. Take care of your nails and hands.

  7. Make a plan for the next time you take time off work.

  8. Listen to our podcast.

  9. Try a new bedtime routine.

  10. Go for a walk near a large body of water.

  11. Make your favourite childhood dinner.

  12. Go window shopping.

  13. Play a playground game with your friends.

  14. Have an indoor picnic.

  15. Reorder your bookshelves (by colour, author, size, etc.).

  16. Complete a crossword puzzle.

  17. Have an at-home spa day.

  18. Start a new craft you’ve always wanted to try.

  19. Watch an inspiring nature documentary.

60. “I like to play Azul online.” – Charlotte Noel, Creative Lead


  1. Use visualisation techniques to escape your day-to-day

  2. Visit a beach.

  3. Read a book from a genre you wouldn’t usually pick.

  4. Make your own face mask.

  5. Go to a trial day for a new sport.

  6. Watch a local drama performance.

  7. Listen to some nature sounds.

  8. Make a well-loved family recipe.

  9. Complete Happiful’s guided journaling section.

  10. Try acupressure on yourself.

  11. Start a scrapbook.

  12. Take your full lunch break.

  13. Watch a feel-good film.

  14. Spend 10 minutes taking in direct sunlight.

  15. Research a topic you’re interested in.

  16. Make a blanket fort and camp out in it.

  17. Host a board game evening.

  18. Try a new type of food.

  19. Listen to classical music.

80. “I love playing basketball, it helps me relax and let out the steam built throughout the day.” – Rosan Magar, Illustrator


  1. Experiment with cold water therapy (start with a cool shower!)

  2. Work on your balance by holding one-legged yoga poses.

  3. Take a 20-minute nap.

  4. Batch cook your meals for the week.

  5. Practise functional movement exercises.

  6. Propagate your favourite plants.

  7. Have a chat with an elderly friend or relative.

  8. Plan out a new morning routine.

  9. Write down 10 things you are grateful for.

  10. Set yourself a self-care challenge for the week.

  11. Spend time with a pet.

  12. Try cloud watching.

  13. Make your own home decor.

  14. Go on a cake and coffee date.

  15. Reduce your screen time.

  16. Give yourself a manicure.

  17. Create a soothing atmosphere with some candles.

  18. Plan out a nutritionally balanced meal plan.

  19. Print off your photos and create an album.

  20. Write down calming affirmations to repeat.

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