10 Feel-Good Films to Stay in With

Kathryn Wheeler
By Kathryn Wheeler,
updated on Apr 4, 2020

10 Feel-Good Films to Stay in With

Make the most of your time spent indoors with these family-friendly, feel-good films

There’s nothing like getting cosy on the sofa with a hot drink, a blanket, and a film. The right film can boost our mood and leave us feeling touched and inspired. Here are some of our feel-good favourites to set you up for a staying-in extravaganza.

1. Matilda

The story of an exceptional girl who overcomes huge challenges to find her happy ending. Adapted from the classic Roald Dahl children’s book, this film is all about celebrating what makes us unique.

2. La La Land

Calling upon all the glitz, glamour, and drama of old-Hollywood, La La Land follows an actress and a musician as they fall in love while chasing their dreams. With an uplifting, toe-tapping score, the music of La La Land will be sure to lift you off the ground.

3. The Princess Bride

Strap yourselves in, and get ready for an adventure full of gallantry, bravery, and plenty of quotable moments. A cult-classic that has survived the test of time, follow our hero as he embarks on a quest to rescue his true love.

4. Sister Act

Staring Whoopi Goldberg as Deloris Van Cartier, a lounge singer who is forced to go into hiding in a convent. This all-singing, all-dancing musical is full of laughs from start to finish as she takes on the responsibility of the nun’s choir, transforming their repertoire with modern, heart-felt twists.

5. Beethoven

Dog and slapstick-lovers, this one’s for you! Beethoven, the huge St Bernard, is the centre of his loving family’s world, but trouble is ahead as the family vet wants to use him as a subject for his experiments. What will Beethoven and his family do? Stick it on, and enjoy this ultimate feel-good tail.

6. 13 Going on 30

Being 13 is hard work, life’s easier when you’re 30, right? When 13-year-old Jenna Rink’s wish to become 30 miraculously comes true, she’s thrust into the adult world. With a star-studded cast, plenty of laughs, and an endearing message, watch as Jenna grapples with what’s important in life.

7. Paddington

Everyone’s favourite bear hits the big screen in this rollacoaster of a film that captures the picture-book feeling of the classic misadventures of Paddington Bear. Watch as the bear from deepest Peru embarks on London life with the Brown family.

8. Legally Blonde

Bring the sass, and do it with style. When Elle Woods is dumped by her boyfriend, she enrolls at Havard to show him what she’s got. But along the way, she discovers her true potential – what, like it’s hard?

9. The Greatest Showman

This box-office hit was a huge success when it came out in 2017, and for a good reason. Hugh Jackman shines in this relentless, touching musical that follows him on his mission to entertain the masses.

10. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

A modern rom-com classic in the making, Lara Jean writes secret letters to all the boys she’s had a crush on. When the letters get out, she has to work to put things right, while facing up to the reality that it’s time to admit her true feelings. Heart-warming, sweet, and romantic, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before marks a new era for teen romcoms.

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