YouGov Reveal Britain’s Festive Favourites

Ellen Lees
By Ellen Lees,
updated on Dec 21, 2018

YouGov Reveal Britain’s Festive Favourites

We all have our Christmas traditions, but some are more common than others. Public opinion and data company YouGov reveal what the UK really thinks about the holiday season

Whether you love it or hate it, Christmas is something many of us will celebrate. Here is a round-up of the latest YouGov surveys, from our favourite brands and how we'll be spending Christmas day, to our go-to gifts.

Which brands make us feel festive?

The brand us Brits believe to be the best at making us ‘feel Christmassy’ is Quality Street (with a score of 42%). Coming in second with 37% is Terry’s Chocolate Orange, closely followed by Cadbury Roses and Ferrero Rocher at 35%. Completing the top five is After Eights (34%).

Cheers to you!

Staying with Britain’s most festive brands, Baileys came out top for the drinks, with a score of 32%. This time of year is a crucial sales period for Baileys, and we’ll admit the tipple certainly adds a touch of festive magic to our evenings.

And while Baileys takes the top spot for beverages, mulled wine shouldn’t be forgotten, with 18% of Brits saying that the fruity concoction is their favourite holiday drink.

The gift of giving

Whether you have a spending limit or a wish list, present buying isn’t always easy. So what type of gifts are we buying for one another?

  • 50% food and drink
  • 43% clothes
  • 38% books
  • 35% toys and games
  • 20% jewellery

And speaking of books, while there are new releases almost daily, Britain’s favourites aren’t so recent. In a survey of 3,675 people, Roald Dahl came in at number one with 81%. Second was Charles Dickens (75%) closely followed by Beatrix Potter (71%). William Shakespeare was fourth (70%). Fifth was J.K. Rowling (69%).

Christmas day

What will you be doing on Christmas day? In the UK, 80% of people said ‘eating with friends and family. 73% said ‘giving and receiving presents’ and 71% said watching TV. What will we be watching on TV you ask? Well, 31% of Brits plan to listen to the Queen’s speech.

However you spend the festive season, we wish you health, happiness and love.


Christmas can be a time for love and laughter but also stress, sadness and reflection. If this time of year is particularly difficult for you, please know that you are not alone. Support is available and while you may feel like there is no hope, there is a light waiting for you.

If you need help or would like to talk to someone, you can call the Samaritans for free on 116 123 or you can email them at [email protected].

You can also find a list of general listening lines and mental health support helplines on our Where to Get Help page.

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