Will You Pledge To #BeMoreJack?

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Feb 14, 2020

Will You Pledge To #BeMoreJack?

Make Leap Day count by pledging to #BeMoreJack

Launched by Girl Vs. Cancer Founder Lauren Mahon, #BeMoreJack celebrates the life and spirit of Jack Morgan, who died from cancer in 2019.

It's hoped that Jack’s spirit of positivity and optimism will be extended through the campaign’s realisation, as people are encouraged to pledge to do something generous, courageous or charitable on leap day (Saturday 29 February), to make the extra 24 hours count for all those who are no longer here to do the same.

By sharing intentions on social media using #BeMoreJack, each leap day pledge will contribute to an online movement and a real-life collective will to embrace the time we all have on this earth.

“I wanted to do something to honour Jack’s spirit of positivity and his thirst for life,” Lauren Mahon explained on the campaign shoot.

“#BeMoreJack basically means to be more defiant, not to give up hope and always have positivity. Jack talked about survivor’s obligation, and how in life once you go through a trauma, it’s your obligation to live bigger and do things for other people. So that’s what it means, and to carry that into your everyday, with a smile as well.”

And what would Jack do with leap day? “He would do something that scared him, or pushed him out of his comfort zone because he loved a challenge. Or he would do something for someone else.”

Jack was someone who wanted to make life count, not just for himself for other people. So if people are wondering what they could do do something for someone else

#BeMoreJack Collection

Alongside the campaign for public pledges and action, Girl Vs. Cancer will be selling a collection, developed with The Flashpack, dedicated to Jack and bearing the mantra he used so often: “I haven’t come this far, to only come this far.”

Pre-orders are open now and the hoodies and t-shirts will be available from leap day, with 25% of all profits will go to The North London Hospice.

Please share your pledges online using #BeMoreJack - and @happiful_magazine (Instagram) or @happifulhq (Twitter), so we can share them too.

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