Why Do I Always Feel Bloated?

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updated on Jul 27, 2017

Why Do I Always Feel Bloated?

Clearing up the causes of your swollen tummy

Many people struggle with bloating, so you’re not alone. Here are some of the most common reasons. You may find more than one applies to you:

1. Bad eating habits

Eating too fast, gulping drinks, or lacking certain enzymes to digest particular foods can result in bloating.

2. Not enough fibre

Fibre in fruit, vegetables, beans and grains helps to move food down the digestive tract. When food isn’t digested quickly enough, it can ferment in the gut and leave you feeling uncomfortable, and gassy.

3. Not moving enough

A sedentary lifestyle slows down the peristaltic function of your gut, leaving you both bloated and tired. Try to walk to work, get out at lunch, or set yourself a reminder to move about more often.

4. Stress

Your body needs time to rest and digest food, so if you’re always on the go then your body will be under strain, and digestion won’t be a priority.

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5. Irritable bowel syndrome

IBS is a long-term condition that interferes with the functionality of the bowel. It affects about one in five people in the UK. If you are experiencing IBS symptoms, visit your GP before making any dietary changes.

Written by Aira Mahandru BA(Hons) DipNT mBANT mNNA mIFM CNHC.
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