Why Am I Grinding My Teeth in My Sleep?

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updated on Aug 5, 2022

Why Am I Grinding My Teeth in My Sleep?

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Your teeth don’t grind themselves, and no-one else is grinding them for you. Every part of your body is animated by your own consciousness. Sometimes you’re aware of the reason for animating your jaw and sometimes, as in the case of bruxism, you’re not. You could be fast asleep, in a state of unconsciousness, and have no idea as to why you were grinding your teeth or even that you were doing it at all.

If you’re aware of the reason why you might be grinding your teeth, this reason is in your conscious mind. If you’re not aware of it, the reason could be in your subconscious. There’s a reason for everything, even if you don’t know what that might be.

It’s hard to get to grips with something that’s intangible, and so bruxism sufferers usually resort to treating the symptoms rather than the cause of bruxism. Using a gum guard will work reasonably well until you forget to put it in. You only need to forget your gum guard once to risk damaging your teeth.

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A better alternative might be to discover the subconscious cause of the bruxism and to resolve the issue. To address the underlying issue, one needs to communicate with the subconscious mind, and the best way to do this is through hypnotherapy. A skilled hypnotherapist will be able to guide you into hypnosis, discover the cause of bruxism and resolve it.

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Written by Troy Robins, certified clinical hypnotherapist.

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