Who Are SANE?

By Jenny Cole,
updated on Nov 3, 2017

Who Are SANE?

A closer look at one of the UK's leading mental health charities

Marjorie Wallace

Marjorie Wallace. Photography | Jesper Mattias

SANE is a leading mental health charity established by Marjorie Wallace in 1986. It has three core objectives:

  1. Raise awareness and combat stigma
  2. Provide care and emotional support
  3. Initiate research into the causes and treatments of serious mental illnesses
The SANE Community

Over 23,000 people have joined the community to show their support for mental health. Joining is simple, free, and can be anonymous if you wish. Simply register online at

What’s the Black Dog Campaign?

This campaign aims to reduce the stigma and encourage people to seek help early, rather than suffering in silence. A "Black Dog" is a universal metaphor for depression, notably used by Winston Churchill. Black Dog sculptures designed by artists and celebrities have been placed in business foyers, public parks and shopping centres throughout the UK to encourage people to find a more accessible language in which to express their feelings.

Younh SANE

Young Sane

This is a virtual community focusing on mental health in people aged 18-25. It highlights relevant issues for young people through multimedia platforms and celebrates the ingenuity, passion and dedication of young people tackling the stigma of mental health

Can I volunteer?

Yes, volunteers work on SANE’s telephone helpline and its Textcare service, or respond to letters and emails. SANE gives training, development and support to all volunteers.

Who are they looking for?

People who are compassionate, warm, empathetic, resilient, and ready to take on a new challenge.

How can I donate?
Over 23,000 people have joined the community to show their support for mental health
  1. Donate online at
  2. Donate by cheque, made payable to SANE

You can help fundraise for Sane by contacting their Fundraising Team on 020 3805 1790, or email [email protected]

Run for SANE

Run for Sane

Sane has available places in running events including The Great North Run, the Leeds 10K, the Vitality British 10K London Run, and the upcoming Santa Run. Find out more here.

More information:

Helpline: (4.30pm–10.30pm) 0300 304 7000
Volunteer: [email protected]
Raise money: [email protected]

Read part one and part two of our interview with SANE founder, Marjorie Wallace.

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