Things to do this February

Chelsea Graham
By Chelsea Graham,
updated on Jan 18, 2022

Things to do this February

From understanding our feelings to delving into nostalgic worlds, we share 10 things to do this February


Emotional by Leonard Mlodinow

We’re often told that suppressing our emotions and thinking rationally is the best way to navigate stressful situations, and be successful. But, as Emotional explores, cutting edge science has proved that we need to acknowledge and understand our feelings in order to make a real difference to our thinking.

(Out now Penguin Press, £20.00)

Out and about

Seek out the snowdrops

Blooming snowdrops are perfect to lure out an Insta-loving teen, or to captivate a child with their magic. And the season is in full swing in February, so it’s the ideal time to head out into the woods for a bracing walk, taking in the beauty of the natural world. Giving the image of a blanket of white foliage across a forest floor, taking a stroll to appreciate the beautiful flowers and be present in the moment could be a fantastic way to spend a Sunday.

(Snowdrops bloom in the UK from January to March)

Act of kindness

Pick it up

This month, why not put protecting the planet – and cleaning up your community – at the forefront of you mind? Take a bag (and perhaps some gloves) when you head out for a walk in order to collect any rubbish you see. You might even set a good example for others, and encourage a ripple effect as everyone does their bit to keep our streets tidy, and our wildlife safe.

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Lend us your ears

‘Super Soul’

For many, Oprah Winfrey is the queen of interviews, famously conversing with some of the biggest stars on the biggest of stages. With her own more intimate podcast, the award-winning host connects with thought-leaders and experts to guide us all through life’s biggest questions, and the power of connection.

(Listen to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify)



Sometimes, it can be tough to leave our pets when we go away on holiday. But, what if we could take them along for the ride? Dean does exactly that, and his cat Nala is more than happy to oblige. Documenting their adventures, from climbing mountains to exploring the waterways, the pair will make for a wonderful addition to your feed.

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Tech Tip-Offs


Whether it’s learning a new skill, or developing a healthier routine, most of us want to start new habits – but maintaining them can be tricky. The Streaks app acts as a digital to-do list to monitor your goals, with the aim to keep up your ‘streak’. Plus, you can connect with other users to cheer each other on!

(Download from Google Play and the App Store)

Woman doing yoga at home

Square eyes

Around the World in 80 Days

Based on the classic Jules Verne novel, this eight-episode series from the BBC follows the adventures of Phileas Fogg (David Tennant), an English gentleman-turned-traveller, as he sets out to circumnavigate the globe in just 80 days. A show that will appeal to the whole family, it’s the perfect viewing for cosying up in the evening.

(Available on BBC iPlayer)

Treat yourself

The Positive Planner

Journaling can be a great way to stay mindful, and remind yourself to reflect on your day. The Positive Planner is a easy tool to organise, reflect, and acknowledge your feelings in one place. With sections for checking your mood, recording gratitude, and writing to-do lists, this planner makes for a wonderful present to yourself.

(RRP £22, visit

The conversation

Children’s Mental Health Week 2022

Created by children’s charity Place2Be, 7–13 February is dedicated to raising awareness and supporting kids’ mental health, and the theme for 2022 is ‘Growing Together’. Take this opportunity to engage in conversation with the youngsters in your life about how they’ve grown (emotionally, what they’ve learnt, how they’ve developed), and how they can help others to do the same.


Get going

Ride for Mental Health

Get some fresh air, set yourself a challenge, and support a fantastic charity as you complete 100 miles on your bike over the month of February, in a setting that suits you. Work as a team, or take some time for yourself to reconnect with nature as you put the wheels in motion for this charity challenge in aid of Rethink Mental Illness! Time to dig out that Lycra.

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