The low-down on manifestation

Grace Victory
By Grace Victory,
updated on Nov 22, 2020

The low-down on manifestation

‘Manifesting’ has become a real buzz word – and it’s one our columnist Grace Victory uses daily. Here, she shares everything you need to know about the power of ‘manifestation’

When I was 23, I began searching for ways to connect to myself more
deeply, as well as how to create a life that I really wanted – and this is when I discovered the power of manifesting.

We are conditioned and programmed by the beliefs of adults around us growing up, our childhood experiences, and any trauma we may have been through. From a young age, I didn’t want to be a statistic or a product of my environment; I wanted more for myself, even if wanting more was against all odds.

In my early 20s, I stumbled across the documentary The Secret – and it completely changed my life. It confirmed how powerful I perceived visualisations and positive self-talk to be. As a child, I had an innate knowledge that if I believed I could, I would, and essentially that is what manifesting is.

The stories we tell ourselves eventually become our reality through our perspectives. A lot of these perspectives are subconscious, and until we become aware of them, they act as scripts that play out throughout our lives. If we were bitten by a dog as a child, we might have a fear as an adult that we will be bitten again, thus resulting in certain behaviours and thought patterns that may come to fruition.

Now, I’m not saying that every tragic thing that happens in adulthood is a result of our own actions, but our thought patterns and subsequent behaviours do have the ability to create experiences – both positive and negative. We create our lives and get to choose who we will become through what we think, how we talk to ourselves, and the actions we take based on those thoughts.

Manifesting is the universal law of attraction “thoughts become things”, and the way in which we can bring tangible things into our life through mindset, thought patterns, and action. We have the ability to manifest anything – a car, a holiday, a relationship, a job. But the tricky part is, we have to:

  1. Really believe we deserve whatever we are trying to manifest.
  2. Be truly grateful for what we have right now.

And both of these can be hard if you don’t have much self-belief, and you’re not entirely happy with where you are, or who you are right now. In order to manifest, we have to show gratitude and love, regardless of our circumstances.

If you’re a particularly anxious person, you will be pleased to know that one single thought won’t come to fruition – if you have a random thought that the world is going to end, it’s very unlikely that it actually will. It is the regular, sustained thoughts and core beliefs we have that can then be turned into our reality. Of course, we also need to put our thoughts and words into action, too. You’re not going to buy a house, or be able to travel the world, if you’re sitting around all the time. Manifestation magic can only work if you work, too!

Studies have shown that how a person sees the world is the world which they will create, so if you want a life full of abundance, joy, and love, you have to actively seek it, believe you’re worthy of it, and that it is already here.

It is the regular, sustained thoughts and core beliefs we have that can then be turned into our reality

How to start manifesting:

Be specific
The universe cannot provide you with what you want if you don’t know what you want. So, you want a new car? What model is it? What colour? How does it feel when you sit inside it? How does it smell? Visualise it all, because if it’s real inside your mind and heart, it will become real inside your life.

Vocalise your desires
Talk to and seek guidance from whatever you believe in – a deity, the universe, or even nature. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, and you can ask for anything – there is nothing that you don’t deserve. You have to believe you are worthy of whatever your heart desires.

Take action
You have to take action in creating a life that you want. You can’t sit around waiting for change, you have to actively seek it. And there are signs all around us, guiding us down the right path. Signs can come in many forms – we just have to be open to receiving them.

Be grateful
Showing gratitude for where we are right now, what we have, and who we are – even if we aren’t entirely satisfied – will put us on a more positive frequency. Every day, take time to be grateful for what you have in your life. You can be grateful for sunshine, for rain, for a hot shower, for your kids, for fluffy socks – for anything. It’s the little things that truly make us happy after all.

Love Grace x

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Grace Victory

By Grace Victory

Grace Victory is Happiful's columnist. She is a creator, podcaster, and trainee counsellor, helping women to step into their power.

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