The Fashion Brand that Gives 90% of Profits to Charity

Ellen Lees
By Ellen Lees,
updated on Mar 13, 2018

The Fashion Brand that Gives 90% of Profits to Charity

Ethical fashion’s newest face is giving 90% of its profits to charitable causes

Launched in February, London-based contemporary womenswear label, Ninety Percent, is unlike any other fashion brand. Their concept is about more than just the product they’re selling. It’s giving back. Giving back 90% of all distributed profits to charity and the people who helped make the collection. And that’s not all, Ninety Percent are also asking you to decide where their money goes.

This year, Ninety Percent are working with War Child UK, Children’s Hope Foundation, Wild Aid, and Big Life Foundation.

Co-founded by Shafiq Hassan and Para Hamilton, with Ben Matthews as Creative Director, Ninety Percent is a powerhouse, dedicated to making ethical shopping simpler.

The fashion and textile industry remains a dirty business and many brands are yet to reveal the details of their supply chains, but consumers are turning up the heat. It’s 2018 and they want to know who makes their clothes and how, and where fabrics are coming from.

Ninety Percent has heard them. Women now have the option to #DressBetter and support those making it possible. Oozing relaxed femininity, the collection is low maintenance but elegant, with close-fit jersey staples, sumptuous knits, and prices ranging from £30 to £350.

For Ninety Percent, the materials and manufacturing process is no secret. All are carefully chosen and sourced only from industry best-practice suppliers, in countries such as Bangladesh and Turkey.

They say: “Sustainability is an endeavour that’s high on our agenda; we’ll share our progress and encourage your feedback as we start this journey together.”

How does it work?
  • Your order arrives – you love it
  • You’ll find a unique code printed on the care label
  • Head to to read about the causes
  • Enter your unique code and vote to support your chosen cause
  • At the end of the financial year, Ninety Percent calculate how much will be donated and where to
  • From 90% of distributable profits, 80% will be shared with causes, 5% with those who make the clothes and 5% with those who run the brand

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