The Crystal King: Lui's story

By Lui Krieg,
updated on Nov 10, 2020

The Crystal King: Lui's story

Breaking free from the life expected of him allowed Lui to have a personal transformation, and discover his passion for helping others through holistic healing

My story is a tale of personal liberation, which led me on a journey to all corners of the earth, where I gathered the knowledge and spiritual skills that have earned me the title of ‘the Crystal King’.

I was born in Germany 60 years ago, where I grew up in humble surroundings. I had my first contact with music when I learned to play the trumpet, and was in a German folk music band. I also sang in the church choir, and realised at a young age that the voice is the most amazing of all instruments. I felt the joy of singing together, and still do today – a lot of my spiritual practice involves singing and chanting, as it soothes the soul and brings harmony.

After school I trained as an electronic engineer, and then at 19 I decided it was time to leave my small town in the search of new adventures. I moved to Berlin, which was a melting pot for revolutionary new ideas, ways of thinking, and living. I immersed myself in these new surroundings, and read books by Hermann Hesse and other spiritual authors. I soon realised that there was another reality out there, and the values that I was brought up with were limited.

I had grown up in a hard, working class environment, where it was expected that you followed a precise path – get your education, find a job, get married, get a home, have kids, work hard, then retire. I had a strong sense that this was not for me. I felt a sense of adventure – I was ready to dive into the unknown.

After working for Siemens for three years in a rigid, corporate environment, I made a life-changing decision. I could visualise a different life for myself – one that was more fulfilling because I was deciding my own future – a spiritual, more meaningful one. I was ready to risk everything for the chance. I quit my job, and bought a one-way ticket to Singapore. I opened a new chapter in my life, travelling to beautiful beaches in south-east Asia, to the Himalayas in India, Uluru in Australia, and Machu Picchu in South America.

Lui opened his own crystal shop

I returned home two and a half years later to visit my family in Germany as a changed man. My travels had opened my eyes and heart to a completely new world, full of opportunities and adventures. I discovered yoga, meditation, the power of nature, and different approaches to religion and spirituality. A new man was born.

I didn’t stay long in Germany, and started backpacking all around the world, visiting sacred ancient sites and powerful places. I felt liberated having discovered the magic of living in the moment. I studied with wise men, shamans, and gurus from all around the world, however my greatest teacher remains nature.

On this journey, I found two tools that would reshape my life – the magic of crystals, and sacred sound. The unity of these two elements, which I perceive to be fundamental to life, allowed me and others to find the centre of their spirituality. They allow a path to inner focus and contemplation. I decided to dedicate my life to promoting these two ancient healing modalities.

It was an enormous cultural change for me – a transitional journey opening me up and allowing me to grow into a new self. Eventually my travels brought me to the Glastonbury Festival, and a major turning point in my life. I was with my partner Tessa, and our son Kai, with only a campervan to our name. We didn’t have tickets, but I was told to show Michael Eavis my crystal wands. He invited us in, and it was this act of kindness from a stranger that set me on the road to success – we went on to sell my crystals at the festival. I had a profound realisation that I was coming home.

I realised my crystal tools and jewellery designs were becoming more and more popular with not just visitors, but also healers and lightworkers, and were helping so many people. So we decided to open our crystal shop, ‘Stone Age’, right in the heart of Glastonbury.

I felt liberated having discovered the magic of living in the moment

During difficult times, I realised how important friends were, and 10 years ago I met my now best friend and music producer, Paul Foss. We shared a passion for music, and through this strength we created the Alchemysts of Sound, and have since released a series of meditation and healing CDs. This led me to many exciting discoveries, including a healing treatment called “The Crystal Sound Activation” based on the magic of minerals combined with the powerful effect that sacred sound has on the mind, body, and spirit, and enabled me to set up the ‘Crystal Sound Academy’, approved and accredited by the UK Complementary Medicine Association.

During these 20 years of working with crystals and sound as a therapist, and lecturing around the world, I gained experience in treating all kinds of ailments, whether physical, emotional, or mental. I have helped many clients by getting them to work with the right minerals and sacred sounds, to help them transform their lives.

Beneficial meditation with crystals and therapeutic relaxation music has been even more important to me during the recent pandemic. Crystals work on multiple levels, and once people connect to their spiritual selves, I believe they’ll become more health conscious, and will interact with their environment in a different way.

I’ve been practising yoga and meditation for more than 40 years, and this has proven to relax and strengthen the mind. This continuous practise has helped me to harmonise all aspects of my life, and I am now living a healthy and happy existence.

I have learned so much during my life, and feel honoured to have the power of crystals and sound around me. I have learnt to do things differently, to challenge the norm, to breathe consciously, to keep addictions under control. I learned to never say “I can’t do this” or “I’m too old for that”, surprise yourself, stop thinking you are not good enough, bring crystals into your life, start meditation. Dance is an important spiritual tool, as is being kind to yourself and others. Ultimately, the more you give the more you receive, and the more you start loving yourself, and the world around you, the more you’ll enjoy life.

Rachel Coffey | BA MA NLP Mstr, says:

Lui’s path to personal happiness is adventurous and unique. He found that there was a world beyond the obvious, and shared his discoveries to help others.

The idea of heading off to far flung lands might be something only dreams are made of at the moment. However, we can still connect, make discoveries and push boundaries – we just need to find new ways of doing so. As Lui found, loving ourselves, and sharing kindness and respect might help us to brighter times!

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