The Constant Ringing in My Ears is Unbearable

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updated on Jun 2, 2017

The Constant Ringing in My Ears is Unbearable

Relieving tinnitus with hypnotherapy and BWRT

Tinnitus is a condition characterised by sounds in the ear itself – ringing, buzzing, whistling – and can cause stress and anxiety for the sufferer.

Tinnitus can be the result of injury, infection, age, or prolonged exposure to loud noise. People often won’t show signs of a medical problem. Since these cases have nothing for doctors or specialists to treat, the condition can be difficult to resolve, and there’s no known cure.

When the brain picks up loud sounds, it triggers a “flight-or-fight” response and our bodies may respond by increasing the level of stress hormones. Anxiety and stress are natural responses to this and can make tinnitus worse.

Both brain working recursive therapy (BWRT) and hypnotherapy can be effective in dealing with the psychological aspects resulting from tinnitus. A sufferer will probably already know that focusing on the noise can seem to amplify it, while distractions help to ease the noise.

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Sufferers should consult a medical professional before commencing treatment to assess whether further medical attention is necessary. While it may not be possible to remove the tinnitus, hypnotherapy can act on a subconscious level to assist in the reduction of hypervigilance – the habit of looking out for the noise to reappear. Many people with tinnitus see it as a threat and are frustrated at the inability to fight it. Therapy can help to reframe our attitude towards the condition, allowing us to regain control over our feelings and perceptions, with the result being a reduction of the distress that often accompanies this condition.

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Written by John Taylor, hypnotherapist and BWRT practitioner.

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