Survey Reveals 80% of People Feel Happier After Visiting Gardens

Ellen Lees
By Ellen Lees,
updated on Aug 15, 2018

Survey Reveals 80% of People Feel Happier After Visiting Gardens

The National Garden Scheme will launch a new campaign highlighting the impact of gardens on mental wellbeing

“Open the garden gate to wellbeing” is the latest campaign from charity, The National Garden Scheme, set to launch during the charity’s annual Gardens and Health Week (18 - 24 August). The campaign aims to highlight the impact of private gardens on mental wellbeing, and encourages people to visit gardens as an act of self-care.

The charity have released new research as part of the campaign, revealing 85% of their supporters said that being in a National Garden Scheme garden has a positive impact on their mental wellbeing, and 80% reported feeling happier after visiting.

Despite 98% of the 2,500 respondents having their own garden, 67% said that visiting a National Garden Scheme garden can be a calming experience. 64% said it was an enjoyable way to spend time with loved ones, and 53% believe it aids creativity.

Chief Executive of the National Garden Scheme, George Plumptre said: “Visiting a National Garden Scheme garden is probably not the first thing people think of when they’re looking to de-stress.

“But spending an hour or two wandering around a truly beautiful garden that has been lovingly cultivated by its owners, and enjoying a slice of homemade cake and a cup of tea, is incredibly restorative and rivals any other act of self-care that is commonly promoted.

“The National Garden Scheme isn’t just about opening gardens for charity - we introduced Gardens and Health Week because we are passionate about promoting the many ways gardens are more than just scenic. As our latest research shows, the effect garden visiting can have on mental wellbeing is heartening and I would encourage anyone who would like an escape from their busy life to visit one of our gardens.”

More than half of those surveyed also said that visiting these gardens gives you “that feel-good factor” because you are donating to charity.

Health psychology specialist, coach and therapist, Emily Hodge, said: “With our worlds often full to the brim, whether from families, work or commitments, it’s important to take care of our mental wellbeing.

“Garden visiting is great because it actually offers many ways to do this in one activity. Taking time out, being outside, connecting with nature and other people, being present and mindful, and learning about the space you’re in, are all part of visiting a garden - and are recommended ways to build resilience, recharge your batteries and feel happier.”

The National Garden Scheme has been inviting garden owners to open their gardens to the public and giving people unique access to some of Britain’s most beautiful gardens since 1927. There are over 3,600 private gardens currently open to the public, all of which can be found by visiting the National Garden Scheme website.

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