Sex Once A Week Could Slow Ageing

Maurice Richmond
By Maurice Richmond,
updated on Aug 10, 2017

Sex Once A Week Could Slow Ageing

Weekly sessions between the sheets offer prolonged health benefits for women, study shows

Researchers claim having sex just once a week can slow ageing in women. At least one session a week under the covers increases the length of women’s telomeres – which cap the end of DNA strands. Prolonged strands could mean slowing the ageing process, a longer life and greater overall health.

Box out of research that's found having sex several times a week can be good for circulation, healthier blood vessels and prevents the build up of homocysteine

Regular lovemaking may “aid ageing in women by dampening stress and boosting their immune system”, regardless of whether they are sexually satisfied in their relationship. The results come as part of a one week trial by experts at the University of California in San Francisco, who scrutinised physical intimacy among 129 mothers in long-term relationships. Blood samples were taken from the participants to determine their telomere length.

Results also revealed that women who had sex at least once during the study’s one-week duration had significantly longer telomeres. Relationship satisfaction, stress, and partner support or conflict, had no impact on telomere length in the findings. Tomás Cabeza de Baca, lead researcher, says: “Research has found that high quality, satisfactory relationships and sexual intimacy are good for physical and mental health.”

The effects of regular sex on men remain unclear in the study.

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