Seven Minutes With Georgina Campbell

Jake Hamilton
By Jake Hamilton,
updated on Dec 20, 2017

Seven Minutes With Georgina Campbell

The BAFTA-winning actress tells Happiful about honesty, hoarding – and hamsters

Georgia Campbell

What is your current philosophy?

At the moment, I don’t want to waste the opportunities presented in life. Surround yourself with good people, follow your passions and give yourself time to really enjoy life, because it’s a gift.

When were you last utterly honest with someone?

Constantly. Honesty is key.

What’s your most treasured possession?

My hamster, Nigel. I’m always worrying about him. If there was a fire in my flat, I’d grab him over anything else. He’s a new pet so I’m slightly obsessed with him.

How well can you read a room?

Pretty well, I think. Most people can sense if things are positive or negative. That’s human intuition.

If you could change something about your personality, what would it be?

Anxiety. I get a bit overwhelmed in social situations. Sometimes I wish I could turn that aspect of me off.

What phrase do you overuse?

I’m hungry.

When did you last lose your cool?

I’m filming a TV show called Krypton – the fight routines are insane! I might have lost my cool for a moment, but you have to pick yourself up and try again.

What’s better – hoarding or purging?

Hoarding. I like keeping things of sentimental value.

How well can you hide your feelings?

Not very well. I barely have any control over my facial expressions. It’s definitely got me in trouble a few times.

Tell me about your earliest childhood memory.

I remember the day my dad’s partner brought a kitten home, called Douglas. He was a ginger tabby. Me and my sister fell in love with him immediately.

What misconception do people have about you?

I’ve had people start speaking to me in Spanish quite a few times, because they assume I’m Spanish. If only I could actually speak Spanish!

If money can’t buy love, what can it buy?

Food, a place to live, health care. Sadly, the list is endless.

What’s more important – seeing or believing?

Believing, because that can sometimes lead to seeing. It’s important to retain the sense of belief you have as
a child, which can be lost in adult cynicism.

What was the last important decision you made?

What to have for breakfast. (I had porridge.)

If you had the power to end one stigma about mental health, what would it be?

That people use mental health problems just to get attention – that couldn’t be further from the truth. Also, that someone with mental health problems is automatically unstable. It’s very possible to manage mental health issues and be a very stable person.

What’s your idea of earthly happiness?

Being truly content and happy within yourself. Through that, you can find happiness in everything in your life. It’s a difficult thing to fully achieve, but definitely something I aspire to.

Georgina appears in a new episode of the brilliant TV series ‘Black Mirror’, which will air on Netflix this month.

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