Dr Lee Valls, counsellor, psychotherapist and clinical director of The London Practice, answers your questions on relationships and sex

Phones and intimacy

My partner is distant, and her preoccupation with her phone is causing arguments. What can I do to get the attention back on us spending quality time together?

The problem is when you’re on your phone, you’re completely disconnected from what is going on around you

This is a common issue with couples in this Instagram era. The problem is when you’re on your phone, you’re completely disconnected from what is going on around you. Even though you might be physically in the same space as your partner, you’re not there mentally.

A way to address this is to discuss, together, some boundaries around phone use. Maybe you keep phones out of the bedroom, or you agree on a ‘phone free’ time?

Both partners need to have input when agreeing on these boundaries, otherwise it might feel like one person is imposing rules on another, which can cause resentment.

Mood swings

My partner has awful mood swings. He doesn't shout, but is passive-aggressive, and when I try to talk about it he tells me I'm being over-sensitive. How can we have a better conversation about his moods?

When having a conversation about something that is troubling you in your relationship, but the other person can’t see this, they may feel attacked.


Dr Lee Valls

Try to communicate by starting the conversation from the standpoint of, “This may not be the situation, but this is how I feel…”. This introduces the issue as a conversation, rather than what could be seen as an accusation.

Reconnection and adjustment

I had our first child eight months ago. My husband and I have been really distant, sexually, since. I'm feeling incredibly unwanted, under-appreciated and unloved.

There’s a lot of change that happens when a couple has a child. As a new mum, you may feel that your identity has changed drastically, so the first thing I would suggest is to get back in touch with who you were before you had your baby. Communicate with yourself. What do you want and need? Give yourself the space to understand this.

Then, make time for time together with your husband. Dress for each other, get away from the domestic situation, and talk about what you both want and need in your new normal. Let each other know what is troubling you.

This is a period of adjustment – but you can reconnect. The key is maintaining your connection with each other outside of being parents too.

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