Our Top 10 Picks for April

Tia Sinden
By Tia Sinden,
updated on Mar 24, 2020

Our Top 10 Picks for April

Take things back to basics this month as we celebrate the benefits of nature, explore new ways to go screen-free, and de-stress with the art of meditation

1. Page-turners

101 Things for Kids to do Screen-Free

It’s time to put away the smartphones and turn off the tablets! Writer Dawn Isaac shares the secrets of going screen-free in this kids’ activity book. There are so many things to try, from squirt-gun painting to microwave mug cakes. Power off and play on.

Out 2 April, Octopus Publishing Group, £14.99

2. Out and about

London Craft Week

Spark your creativity at this year’s London Craft Week! A celebration of imagination, individuality, and passion, you can get involved in masterclasses from Britain’s finest craftspeople.

The festival will now take place from 30 September - 8 October. For more information head to

3. Put on a show

OM Yoga Show

Find your zen at the biggest yoga gathering in Europe! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned yogi, you can take part in classes and be inspired by leading teachers. The perfect opportunity to relax your body and de-stress your mind.

The OM Yoga Show Manchester has been postponed and will take place on 23-25 April 2021. For more info, visit

4. Tech Tip-Offs

Smiling Mind

The Smiling Mind app is your pocket guide to mindfulness and meditation. With free exercises for people of all ages, their mission is to provide accessible, life-long tools to support healthy minds. Improve your wellbeing by using the app for just 10 minutes a day.

Download from the App Store and Google Play

5. Plugged-in

Self-Care is for Everyone

It can be hard to put aside the time to practise self-care, but it’s important that we all do. ‘Self-Care is for Everyone’ is a community that honours the importance of choosing self-care over self-harm. Follow them for simple reminders to be kind to yourself.

Follow @selfcareisforeveryone on Instagram

6. Lend us your ears

‘Sleep and Relax ASMR’

Enjoy soothing sounds as you listen to this podcast that helps you sleep and relax. Switch off and explore the gentle sounds of whispering, nature, and random ramblings.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify

7. Square eyes

The Secret Garden

Based on the classic children’s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden is filled with magic for all the family to enjoy. When she arrives in England, orphan Mary Lennox begins to explore her strict uncle’s estate. Whatever will she find?

Due to the recent closure of cinemas, it is likely that The Secret Garden will be released at a later date

The Secret Garden: © 2020 Studiocanal S.A.S A

8. Treat yourself

S5 Skincare Replenish Collection

After struggling with acne for years, founder Laura Rudoe was left with no self-confidence. She developed S5 Skincare to transform people’s skin and improve lives.

Give your own skin a post-winter boost with the S5 Skincare Replenish Collection – the serum and cream will hydrate, soothe, and protect dry and sensitive skin.

View the full range at

9. The conversation

National Gardening Week

Watering cans at the ready! Join in with this week-long celebration of gardening to raise awareness of the benefits that green spaces bring to our lives. Get involved and encourage others to get green-thumbed by sharing your favourite outside spaces.

27 April to 3 May, get involved at

10. Get going

Inflatable 5K

Are you looking for a way to make exercise fun? Bounce your way around the 5K course as you take on inflatable obstacles. The fun-packed route will have you smiling from ear to ear, and the whole family can get involved. You’ll be bursting with excitement!

Find an inflatable run near you at

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