Our 6 favourite mental health and wellness podcasts

By Kate Norris,
updated on Dec 16, 2023

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Looking for a new podcast to get stuck into? Here we share some of our favourite mental health and wellbeing podcasts

Mental health and wellness podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years. They can be a complementary form of support for those seeking to improve their mental health and wellbeing with many providing self-care tips, inspiring personal stories, and actionable advice. If you’re interested in trying a mental health or wellness podcast but are unsure of where to start, we’ve compiled a few of our favourites.

Happy Place

Hosted by Fearne Cotton, Happy Place is a lighthearted and insightful podcast bringing together an array of guests to discuss mental health and personal struggles. Each week Fearne delves into topics such as stress, love, grief and ‘everything in between’ with her guests as she uncovers what happiness means to them. With over 50 million downloads, it continues to top the charts and is the ideal podcast to tune into for an inspiring and relatable listen.

We may be a touch biased, but our favourite episode is the one with co-founder of Happiful, Aimi Maunders.

Feel Better, Live More

Rated the number one health podcast in the UK and Europe, Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s Feel Better, Live More simplifies healthy living for listeners. Speaking with leading health experts, we discover easy health life hacks whilst debunking common health myths. From nutrition and exercise to stress management and mindfulness, this podcast provides listeners with practical tools and expert insights to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Mentally Yours

Mentally Yours, hosted by Metro's Lifestyle Editor Rachel Moss, is a weekly mental health and wellbeing podcast aiming to educate, emphasise and challenge the stigma associated with mental health. Each week, we hear from a new guest, either in or out of the public eye, who shares their own experiences with mental health to provide hope and educate listeners. The podcast has welcomed many high-profile mental health advocates, such as comedian Ruby Wax, rapper Professor Green and author Matt Haig.

Happiful: Finding What Works

Happiful's very own podcast, Finding What Works, hosted by Content Creator and Strategist Kat Nicholls, delves into subjects that are critical to overall wellbeing, from resilience and friendship to burnout and grief. We hear from wellness experts as well as individuals with lived experience, to understand what it means for something to 'work' and the steps we can take to find what works for us when it comes to mental health and wellbeing. 

Food for Thought

Rhiannon Lambert, a foodie favourite, is a top nutritionist in the UK and the founder of the exclusive Harley Street clinic Rhitrition. Her podcast Food for Thought provides some of the best tips for nutrition, health and fitness, speaking with wellbeing experts to provide you with all the evidence-based advice you need to enhance wellbeing and fuel your body.

Radio Headspace

This podcast invites listeners to pause, reflect, and become more mindful with short daily episodes to complement your day, ideal for your morning commute or daily walk. Hosted by Headspace Studies, the podcast provides bite-sized hacks as well as first-hand accounts from a variety of guests, with topics ranging from navigating loneliness and setting boundaries to practising self-love and meditation.

Happy listening!

All podcasts are available on iTunes and Spotify.

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