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Happiful is thrilled to partner with Newport City Radio, offering listeners an exclusive introductory deal on Happiful magazine. We warmly welcome Newport City Radio listeners to dive into the world of Happiful and join our commitment to creating a happier, healthier, and more sustainable society.

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The Happiful Journey

Happiful’s story began in 2005 after two sisters, Aimi and Emma, both suffered from anxiety and depression while they were at school and university. They didn’t know where to turn for help, so they set up Counselling Directory – a website that lists qualified and insured counsellors, allowing you to take your time to find the professional best suited to you.

Fast forward to now, Aimi and Emma have grown the Happiful family of wellness directories to include life coaching, hypnotherapy, nutrition and complementary therapies and the family-run wellness directories have connected more than 8 million people with professional support.

Our Vision

We’re on a mission to create a healthier, happier, more sustainable society.