New Research Reveals UK’s Excessive Drinking Habits

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Jun 14, 2018

New Research Reveals UK’s Excessive Drinking Habits

Survey reveals 5% of UK adults suffer from memory loss due to excessive drinking

New research, taken from a sample of 2,000 nationally representative adults, has revealed some of the nation’s concerning drinking habits and attitudes to alcohol.

Just over a third (35%) of adults surveyed spoke of drinking four times a week or more and 23% of those were unaware of the recommended units for an adult on a weekly basis - which now stands at 14 units per week for everyone (previously 21 units for men and 14 for women).

Men were the most likely to drink more frequently (44%) although 27% of women said that they drank four times a week or more.

When speaking about the effects of this alcohol consumption, 5% of those surveyed admitted that they drank so much that they suffered from memory loss at least once a week - with this number doubling to 10% for 18-34 years olds and just under at 9% among Londoners.

Living in London seemed to have a significant impact statistically, not only almost doubling the rate of those suffering from weekly memory loss from drinking, but 7% of Londoners admitted to vomiting because of alcohol on a weekly basis - as opposed to 3% for the rest of the country.

Hitesh Dodhia, Superintendent Pharmacist at who commissioned the survey, said: “Much is made of the UK’s drinking culture and this research certainly offers up some concerning results. While drinking little and often can be relatively low risk – as long as it’s within the recommended levels – there are very serious health issues that can potentially arise from regularly drinking to excess.”

“Beyond the memory loss and vomiting that binge drinking can trigger in the short-term, alcohol abuse over a longer period can lead to liver damage, cancer and depression. As such, it is vital that people are aware of what the recommended consumption levels are and monitor their intake. What’s more, if they ever feel they have an addiction to alcohol, it is really important that they seek help promptly.”

If you would like counselling and support in your area for alcohol addiction or excessive drinking visit Counselling Directory or Alcoholics Anonymous.

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