Mental Health Matters with Sophie Lee

By Sophie Lee,
updated on Aug 14, 2019

Mental Health Matters with Sophie Lee

Former fire dancer Sophie Lee has moulded a movement online, asking people to re-think what it means to be beautiful, and driving a call for acceptance. Here, she shares the things she turns to during hard times, and the people who inspire her to keep moving forward

Mental health matters to me because…

Mental health affects every aspect of a person’s life. It’s important to be happy and confident on the inside, as other people’s opinions and actions can have a huge effect on us when we’re not stable with ourselves.

When I need support I…

Speak to my close friends around me, and try to get a better understanding of my situation, as sometimes I can overthink a lot of problems.

When I need some self-care, I…

Take time out to be alone. I sometimes forget that I need this, but then I recharge and revitalise, and I’m back to my energised self.

The books I turn to time and again are…

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is like my Bible! I read it when I need advice, or any words of wisdom.

People I find inspiring online are…

Munroe Bergdorf, Katie Piper, and Steven Bartlett. They’re all very inspirational, and have a lot of motivational content that I can relate to.

Three things I would say to someone experiencing mental ill-health are…

Sophie Lee

Photography | Olivia J Photography

Be patient. Take your time. Life is not a race, everything is happening just at the right time.

Trust yourself. We often forget that we are in control of the way we feel, we can allow or not allow situations to control our emotions. Be strong.

Let it go. When we live with hate in our hearts, the only person suffering is ourselves. Release the anger and you will be much happier with whatever comes along in life.

The moment I felt most proud of myself is…

When I get messages from people around the world who have found inspiration in my story. It took a lot to put my insecurities aside and share the good and bad parts of my journey. But it’s all been worth it, as I’m proud that I could help to change people’s lives.

For more from Sophie, follow her on Instagram @sophirelee

Photography | Olivia J Photography

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