Managing coronavirus anxiety with Malminder Gill - join us!

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Jun 23, 2020

Managing coronavirus anxiety with Malminder Gill - join us!

Join us for the third free webinar in the Happiful series, this time with sister site Hypnotherapy Directory, as we discuss coronavirus anxiety and provide actionable help

On Thursday 2 July at 11am, leading UK Clinical Hypnotherapist Malminder Gill will join Happiful to discuss coronavirus anxiety and how to manage it.

Malminder will also kindly deliver a special 10 minute anxiety reducing hypnosis session for all attendees.

As lockdown restrictions start to loosen a little, many of us are struggling with our worries about the virus, the possibility of a second wave and the concept of what the world post-lockdown looks like. While a certain level of vigilance might be necessary in these strange times, heightened anxiety can dominate our thoughts and leave us feeling powerless to move forward.

Malminder will provide brilliant insights around anxiety, the spectrum of anxious feelings and how to manage the intensity of these. Malminder will also lead a special 10 minute hypnosis session, designed to alleviate anxiety and help participants feel more in control of their responses.

Attendees of the webinar will be encouraged to join from a comfortable place or sitting position, where they can turn off any distractions (phones or notifications), to get the very best from this free supportive session.

The Happiful x Hypnotherapy Directory webinar will end with thoughts on how you can take Malminder’s brilliant suggestions forward in your everyday self-care practise.

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About Malminder Gill


Malminder Gill

Malminder Gill is an award-winning Harley Street Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Coach, Author, Speaker and widely-acclaimed hypnotherapy and coaching subject matter expert. Outside of her busy practice, she has completed post-graduate academic studies in Clinical Hypnosis at Robert Gordon University.

Malminder is serious about pushing the boundaries and developing new ideas around the clinical use of hypnotherapy and coaching. Her work is informed by rigorous and innovative scientific research, and she regularly publishes academic papers.

Malminder’s innate skill in hypnotherapy and coaching, coupled with her passion and unrelenting client focus has earned her a deserved reputation as an industry voice and pioneer for excellence

Visit Malminder’s website and follow her on instagram

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