Let’s Roar For The Lionesses!

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Jul 2, 2019

Let’s Roar For The Lionesses!

As the England's World Cup squad head into the semi-finals tonight, Happiful encourages everyone to throw their support behind the Lionesses and their bid to bring football home

At 8pm tonight, the Lionesses will take on the USA in the Women’s World Cup semi-final, spurred on by millions of fans watching them from home, willing them to continue their epic journey to the finals.

The energy and enthusiasm for our national team continues to grow, as they grace pitches across France with their skill, focus and team-first ethos. Viewing figures are peaking too, with 6.1 million people watching England win against Cameroon, and 7.6 million witnessing their 3-0 victory against Norway earlier this month.

Now, industry professionals, sports people, stars of stage and screen, schools and members of the public are contributing to the surge of positivity for the team by tweeting messages of support using #roarforthe lionesses - and we encourage you to do the same!

This massive upturn in appreciation for the beautiful game is something that England forward Fran Kirby has long hoped for, as she expressed in an interview with Happiful earlier this year.

When asked what areas of football she wishes to see progress in, she replied; "More media coverage of women’s football, greater accessibility for people to come and watch, and more information about when games are on – promote it on TV when the men are playing."

After this World Cup journey to date, we think that Fran's wish is now - and will continue to be - a future reality. Good luck Lionesses, Team Happiful are cheering you on!! Tune in to watch The Lionesses from 7.30pm on BBC One this evening.

Share your message of support using #RoarForThe Lionesses

Read Happiful’s full interview with Fran Kirby.

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