Relationship Counselling - How Therapy Helps With Lee Valls

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Jan 17, 2023

Relationship Counselling - How Therapy Helps With Lee Valls

Psychotherapist Lee Valls talks about relationship counselling on our podcast I am. I have - How it Helps

Psychotherapist, broadcaster and Clinical Director of The London Practice Lee Valls, features on our shorter podcast series, I am. I have - How It Helps, which explains different therapies and how they can help with the challenges life may throw our way.

From common communication problems, to the passion-killing properties of extensive phone use, Lee guides listeners through some of the changes we can make, every day, for healthier relationships as well as discussing how couples counselling can be highly beneficial.

Lee also talks about his experiences as consultant therapist on the Channel 4 programme Seven Year Switch, including how the process held a mirror up to some of the behaviours that may have been holding each couple back.

As Lee explains on I am. I have - How It Helps, his involvement in the Channel 4 show went beyond the couples themselves. "By attaching myself to a show like Seven Year Switch, I wanted to get the message across that relationships are hard work and it's normal to have issues in a relationship.

"I wanted to normalise therapy as well, and you can see a clear difference into how the people came into the show and how they left the show - through having therapy, both as an individual and as a couple."


Lee Valls

During the podcast, Lee advocates really making the time for your partner and focussing on each other more.

Lee’s relationship advice:

  • Know that everybody struggles in relationships from time to time, it's normal.
  • In this Instagram era, it’s easy to focus on ‘perfect’ - there is no perfect.
  • Being in a relationship over a long period of time can become mundane - you have to keep working on it!
  • Have a shared goal within your couple, something to work towards together.
  • Don’t forget to have fun as a couple, write a fun list and take each other on a date.
  • Listen to each other, talk, catch up - keep in touch - but put your phones away when you are together!
  • If you are considering couples counselling, look for the therapist together. You both have to be willing to engage with the therapy and therapist.
You can listen to Lee’s episode of I am. I have - How It Helps now, as well as interviews with Estée Lalonde and Ben Bidwell (AKA The Naked Professor).

You can contact Lee Valls through the Counselling Directory, as well as around 15,000 other counsellors across the UK.

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