Laura Pradelska - I am. I have

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Mar 13, 2019

Laura Pradelska - I am. I have

Laura Pradelska, actor, radio presenter, voice-over artist and campaigner, joins Happiful's mental health podcast I am. I have to talk about her roles as daughter, wife and friend, finding contentment and - for the first time - living with ADHD

Laura Pradelska joined I am. I have to speak openly about her approach to life, commitment to campaigning, keeping in touch with her mum and for the very first time, her lived experience of ADHD.

Laura’s first ‘I am’ is incredibly important to her and the campaigning work she undertakes, as she tells listeners that she is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors. Her family history, and the discovery of her grandparents’ life experiences has led her to become a campaigner and advocate for awareness around anti-semitism and understanding around how easily racism can happen.

Laura’s real-life roles, beyond the screen and sound booth, are incredibly important to her, as she tells I am. I have that she is a daughter, a wife and a friend. She credits her parents for their ongoing support of her and notes how she strives to be a better daughter, wife and friend - specifically speaking with her mum everyday.

Laura’s third ‘I am’, is that at the time of recording the podcast, she is content - and she reflects upon her gratitude at feeling that way, knowing that life changes and it may not always be that way.

Laura’s experience of ADHD, is the final point of discussion on the podcast - as she reveals that she has never spoken publicly about it before. She recalls how it impacted her as a school child, knowing that the label of ‘lazy’ did not apply to her but that she felt there was a block in terms of concentration. Laura reflects on how this affected her self-esteem and led to her being bullied.

Her move to Los Angeles in her late teens helped her to meet like-minded people. She received the diagnosis of ADHD, and over the coming years, she has learned to manage her impulsiveness and also to embrace the creativity that is so central to her spirit.

You can listen to Laura’s episode of I am. I have now, as well as interviews with Emily Dean, Munroe Bergdorf, Martin Robinson, Ben Bidwell, Jo Love, Estee Lalonde and others.

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