Kirsty Gallagher: Have a daily check-in with your soul

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Mar 10, 2021

Kirsty Gallagher: Have a daily check-in with your soul

Bestselling author and moon mentor Kirsty Gallagher joins Happiful’s podcast I am. I have to share the importance of taking time to check-in with yourself and how the moon can help

Kirsty Gallagher’s beautiful energy and insight comes across so strongly, even on Zoom, that I’m hanging on her every word. She’s sharing her thoughts about tuning into the moon’s cycles and connecting with our true selves, as well as her hopes for her new book The Lunar Living Journal on our podcast and, by the end of our conversation, I’m already putting time in my diary to make space for daily reflection and contemplation.

Kirsty has been a practising moon mentor for over 10 years now but in the past 12 months, she shares, there’s been an unprecedented amount of interest in lunar cycles and how we can work with them. This is, she believes, because the pandemic has forced us all to slow down and tune back in with ourselves and nature, as our busy schedules and distractions fall away.

While our routines may have changed or even stopped - rituals - Kirsty shares, can be hugely beneficial and are simple enough for everyone to take time for each day.

Checking in with your soul

Kirsty explains that her own rituals include a daily conversation with her soul. This personal ritual isn’t something that she shares in detail, because it is sacred to her. “All of us need something that is just ours,” she offers, smiling.

Having a daily conversation with her soul means checking in with herself, which helps her to maintain her authenticity. “It’s a daily check around am I speaking my truth? Is there anything that’s in misalignment and what’s making me feel disharmony within myself?”

“It’s not to self-punish,” she continues. “It’s that deep self enquiry around where I am each day. I feel like we spend so much of our lives outside of ourselves that we’re very rarely plugged in. So, I have a morning and an evening ritual where I will take that time, my phone gets turned off until I’ve done it, to plug myself in to me - so I can then move out into the world as my true authentic self. Daily check-in's are so powerful, they're life changing!"

You'll be able to read more about Kirsty and her phenomenal practise in the May edition of Happiful Magazine, out next month.

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