Join us at Wellbeing by the Lakes!

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Sep 9, 2021

Join us at Wellbeing by the Lakes!

We’re off to our first festival and we can’t wait. We hope you’ll join us at Wellbeing by the Lakes!

Team Happiful are over the moon to be partnering with Wellbeing by the Lakes to curate and programme Happiful Afternoons on their Riverside Stage. Festival-goers will hear from Happiful's writers, best-selling authors, life coaches, counsellors, wellbeing experts and movement mentors. Check out our programme below...

This wonderful wellbeing festival will unfold in Dorset from 8-12 September within the stunning grounds of Sculpture by the Lakes, a 26-acre nature retreat complete with incredible art and the most beautiful restorative atmosphere. Just what we all need after the past 18 months!

Day tickets are just £12.50 and include entry to the sculpture park, the Riverside Stage programme, pop up events and more. There’s also opportunities to book in advance for activities including kundalini yoga, laughter yoga, sound healing gong immersion, pottery, papercraft and flower crown workshops.

And, of course, there’ll be a wide-range of delicious food to choose from and a great bookshop to pick up your every reading need (including Happiful!).

Happiful Afternoons

We’ll be presenting Happiful Afternoons on the Riverside stage every day and our programme includes talks with wellbeing and mental health professionals, conversations with great authors in association with Yellow Kite, and wonderful workshops to get your creative juices flowing!

Here’s a taste of what’s to come…

Wednesday 8 September

2-2.45pm Get on board with SUP4Coach, Rachel Bambrough
Rachel Bambrough, founder of SUP4 joins Happiful podcast host and stand up paddle board novice Lucy Donoughue to talk about joyful movement, the therapeutic nature of being out on the water and why SUP is great for every body.


Rachel Bambrough

3-3.45pm The Power of Movement and Community - RED January
Hannah Beecham, founder of RED January and RED Together, joins Happiful to discuss the positive physical and mental health benefits of this amazing initiative and the long-lasting impact it has, as well as practical thoughts about finding your mojo when times are tough.

4-4.45pm An author explores self discovery, with Jo Bowlby in association with Yellow Kite
Described as 'life-changing on every-level', Jo Bowlby's first book A Book for Life draws upon 30 years of training in ancient wisdom, travel and the insights that's brought her to where she is today, a world-renowned Shaman, coach and mentor. In conversation with Happiful, Jo will share life-enhancing skills she's learnt, ways to really flourish and regain your footing when life knocks you off balance.

5-5.45pm Before you go... a calming meditation with Happiful's Hannah Ervin
Reiki and meditation teacher Hannah Ervin brings the first day of Wellbeing by the Lakes to a close with a beautiful claiming meditation, drawing upon the beauty that surrounds us at Sculpture by the Lakes and the spirit of togetherness this wonderful festival has created.

Thursday 9 September

2-2.45pm An author explores self acceptance, with Poppy Jamie in association with Yellow Kite
Happy Not Perfect author, podcast host, presenter and mindfulness coach Poppy Jamie joins Happiful to discuss self acceptance, her own life experiences and her four-step framework for moving through challenges with confidence, to create a life aligned with your deepest values and aspirations.


Poppy Jamie

3- 3.45pm 100 Ways to Improve Your Self-Worth
Self-worth educator, Seedling podcast host and Happiful writer Kat Nicholls, discusses self-esteem and self-worth including some of the 100 tips she created to support others and raise money for BEAT, the UK's eating disorder charity. Kat will be joined by Jay Morjaria, who (as well as working at Happiful) runs Very Clear Thinking, helping 13-16 year olds learn better mental models for thinking, develop self-awareness and use their natural confidence to achieve more. Mindfulness trainer, therapist and author of You Are Not Your Thoughts, Frances Trussell joins the panel too.


Jay Morjaria

4-4.45pm Increasing self-knowledge through journalling with Kat Nicholls
Happiful’s Kat Nicholls leads an informal writing workshop aimed at increasing your self knowledge and acceptance through journalling. Explaining how journalling supports her own mental wellbeing, Kat will share writing prompts to inspire you and get those words flowing.

5-5.45pm Before you go... the importance of being you with Ellie Taylor
Healer, Guide and Podcast Host Ellie Taylor shares why we need to stop hiding ourselves and how to show up and embrace who we really are.

Friday 10 September

2-2.45pm An author explores anxiety, with Josh Roberts, in association with Yellow Kite
Anxious Man author Josh Roberts joins Happiful to talk about his experiences with anxiety, the steps he takes to manage it and men's mental health.


Josh Roberts

3 -3.45pm Discovering yourself... with a yogic twist
Coach Jacqui Purdy will discuss her coaching approach, including her 'yogic twist' and actionable advice for tapping into your own knowledge and tuition, starting by getting out of your head and into your body.

4-4.45pm Writing for wellbeing with Kate Randerson
Kate shares creative, reflective writing techniques to support your wellbeing and balance, move through challenges and write from your heart.

5 -5.45pm Before you go…from pain to purpose with Cristiano Percoco
Clinical Nutritional Therapist Cristiano Percoco joins Happiful to talk about his journey into nutritional therapy. From experiencing chronic pain to becoming a clinical practitioner, Cristiano shares the positive impact understanding nutrition has had on his own life and the positive effect it could have on yours.


Cristiano Percoco

Saturday 11 September

2-2.45pm An author explores lunar living, with Kirsty Gallagher in association with Yellow Kite
Soul Guide, Moon and Spiritual mentor and Sunday Times bestselling author Kirsty Gallagher will join Happiful to talk about the joy and clarity lunar living can bring, and the uplifting nature of her practise.


Kirsty Gallagher

3-3.45pm Setting out your future... making affirmations and vision boarding work for you.
Stephanie Dunleavy, co-founder of Soul Analyse, shares how affirmations helped her move through a tough time and became the foundation of her future. Part conversation, part workshop, Steph will share why affirmations are powerful and the positive and practical role vision boards can have in maintaining focus and wellbeing.

Bring a pen and paper and get ready to start on yours!

4-4.45pm From personal experience to the page with Jo Love, in association with Yellow Kite
Mental health advocate and author Jo Love joins Happiful to talk about therapy, why talking works and the process of committing personal experiences to the page.


Jo Love

5 -5.45pm Before you go... therapeutic writing for all with Hazel North
Bring your notepads and pens for this special session led by integrative counsellor Hazel North. Hazel will discuss the role writing can play in the counselling room, as well as how writing can help everyone to connect with what is happening for them.

Sunday 12 September

2- 2.45pm An author explores meditation with Jillian Lavender, in association with Yellow Kite
Jillian Lavender, author and co-founder of London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Center, joins Happiful to talk about wellbeing, happiness and why meditation really can change our day to day lives.


Jillian Lavender

3-3.45pm How to reset post pandemic with Zoe Blaskey of Motherkind
Zoe Blaskey, founder of Motherkind and leading podcast of the same name, joins Happiful to chat about moving forward after the uncertainty of the past 18 months and how to put a proactive family reset plan in place. Zoe will draw on her own life experience and work with many, many parents.

4-4.45pm Starting with Self Love,with Bibi Jamieson
Happiful magazine contributor, integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor and couples therapist Bibi Jamieson joins Lucy Donoughue on the Riverside Stage to talk about self love, and how to incorporate this in our daily lives, and the impact that starting with self love can have on other relationships.


Bibi Jamieson

5-5.45pm Before you go... managing your mindset with Jacqui Purdy
To honour the end of the festival, coach Jacqui Purdy will lead this final session and share practical ways to soothe your body and mind and move forward in the knowledge that you have the ability to positively manage your mindset.


Jacqui Purdy

Check out the Wellbeing by the Lakes website for the daily programme and to book tickets. We can’t wait to see you there!!


Yellow Kite


Wellbeing by the Lakes

All programming is subject to change and Covid regulations at that time.

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