Joe Sugg sows the seeds of wellness

Issue 67 coverstar Joe Sugg chats about starting a new chapter, his love for the great outdoors, a slower pace of life, and the vital role of therapy


Issue 67 | Happiful magazine

It's a lesson that Joe Sugg has learnt for himself – and, this month, we’re inviting you to join us as we sow the seeds of wellness. In issue 67, we’re bringing you a fascinating range of features, including:

  • Joe Sugg on discovering a slower pace of life
  • How to embrace anti-perfectionism
  • Tips for turning mistakes into lessons
  • Why we need to talk about menopause at work
  • How to handle a loved one who lies
  • Could hypnotherapy help stop procrastination?

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Settle down and tune in to the latest episode of our podcast 'I am. I have' where Joe speaks candidly about his wellbeing journey.

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