Jo Love - I am. I have

Lucy Donoughue
By Lucy Donoughue,
updated on Jan 28, 2019

Jo Love - I am. I have

Mental health advocate Jo Love talks about switching off from social media, therapy Thursdays and post-natal depression

Mental Health advocate Jo Love joins the line-up of guests who have shared their thoughts and passions on Happiful and Counselling Directory's new podcast I am. I have.

Jo, who co-hosts the What I Wish I’d Known podcast along with Jess (aka @thefatfunnyone) and Lauren (aka @theparentingchapter), openly discusses her recent dedication to taking a day away from social media ("Switch Off Saturday"), after experiencing severe burnout in 2018.

Jo explains how she is still learning how to to harness social media and manage usage through being mindful and understanding where she is spending time online. The podcast also explores Jo’s other passions, including the positive benefits of therapy, finding time and space to talk, and her thoughts about writing a book exploring her experiences to date.

Continuing to share openly, Jo discusses her experiences with postnatal depression (PND) and post traumatic stress disorder PTSD, questioning when - or if - postnatal depression ends, as it seems to be a little discussed subject.

And finally, her advice to her twenty year old self? "Have more belief in yourself and ride the low - just know that it’s temporary."

You can listen to Jo Love’s episode of I am. I have now, as well as interviews with Estée Lalonde, Ben Bidwell and psychotherapist Lee Valls.

You can find out more about Jo by following her on instagram @lobellaloves_jo and listen to her great podcast What I Wish I’d Known.

If you are looking for therapy, you can find over 15,000 other counsellors across the UK by visiting Counselling Directory or use the search box below.

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