I’m Sensitive to Criticism at Work. How Can I Be More Positive?

By Happiful,
updated on Feb 16, 2024

I’m Sensitive to Criticism at Work. How Can I Be More Positive?

A guide to responding to negative feedback

criticism at work

Generally, people who criticise should have a positive intention. In reality, this isn’t always the case.

Consistent negative feedback can be draining and upsetting, and while we can’t control what other people say, we can control how we respond to it.

1. If you’re sensitive to feedback, notice if the comments reflect a feeling you know has relevance
You may have pushed these feelings to the back of your mind to avoid confronting them.
2. If a comment hurts or upsets you, think about why
It may have made you feel vulnerable – revealing something you’re trying to hide. If so, what could you do to confront it? The more you push down emotions, the less you tune into your mind.
3. What could you do to change these feelings?
It’s important to release [stress]( so it doesn’t manifest as pain in your body.
Top performing teams give five positive comments for each criticism
4. Be open to other people’s feedback
We can learn a lot from the relationships we have with other people, as they act as a mirror for us to understand ourselves better. Could this person be giving you useful advice after all?
5. If you have hiccup at work, it’s good practice to take responsibility for any oversights
People will respect you more for your honesty and integrity, which leads to them being more understanding and less critical.
6. Not all criticism is intended to be nice

If you feel you’re being picked on, it’s important to discuss this with someone. We have a choice about who we let in to our life, so if someone is impacting negatively on you, consider if it’s useful to stay connected to them.

Written by Caroline Rushforth.
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