I'm Retiring this Year but the Panic Has Started to Set In!

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updated on Jun 16, 2017

I'm Retiring this Year but the Panic Has Started to Set In!

How life coaching can help with life-changing transitions

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Retirement can feel like a huge change for many career focused people where you’re used to being in a “full on” role, with demands on your time, energy and have a constantly focused mind.

You may be concerned with how different it’ll be to have less external pressures, demands and structure to your time. You might feel anxious about changes to your routine, and how your relationships may be affected. You may be worried about what you’ll do all day, every day?

Like other aspects of your career, coaching can help you master the transition into retirement, and assist with approaching the opportunities that will abound for you. It isn’t “the end of your career”, just a change of direction and reduced hours to suit your needs. Some people look to move into consultancy, or perhaps you’d enjoy a local role that helps fill the time and allows you to meet new people and provides new challenges.

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Retirement isn’t the end it used to be considered; it’s actually a new beginning of the life you want to lead and a chance to explore your dreams! Speaking to a life coach to develop a programme before you hand in your notice, and perhaps a couple of months after for the re-adjustment, can be really beneficial.

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Written by Julie Crowley, qualified life coach, personal counsellor and NLP Practitioner.

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