I’m Overwhelmed by Work. How Can I Manage It?

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updated on Sep 5, 2017

I’m Overwhelmed by Work. How Can I Manage It?

The seven challenge areas for finding a work-life balance

There are a lot of challenges affecting a person’s work-life balance. Each one adds to stress, which contributes to emotional and physical imbalance:

1. Unrealistic demands

Unreasonable demands at work and arrangements eating into personal time can add a lot of pressure. Be clear about what you want from work. Are the demands justified in light of that? For every challenge, think about what you gain from it and what is the price you pay? is gives you a good structure to make a choice.

2. Lack of control

Feeling frustrated by a lack of control makes things worse, so it’s best to find a different internal response. Accepting the situation for what it is won’t sap your energy, and makes you more eficient.

3. Unsupportive relationships

Unsupportive relationships at work can create an unproductive environment. At home, they can create frustration and unhappiness. Think about your people management and expectations; are you asking for support? Are your expectations realistic?

Work Stress

Stress at work

4. Lack of resources

Not enough resources, or not the right ones, affect how life can be organised. Try to find a creative solution. Something has to give, and it shouldn’t be you.

5. Unhelpful attitude

Resilience in challenging circumstances determines how well someone is coping and finding a way forward. One of the healthy ways of building resilience is meditation.

6. No skills

Surviving and managing challenges are professional and life skills. When you recognise weaknesses in certain areas, take action to develop them. This will make you feel more in control.

7. High-stress levels

Stress is a personal response and you can take control of it by learning skills that will help you to reduce stress, such as mindfulness, meditation, and learning to be kinder to yourself.

Written by Mariette Jansen, psycho-educational teacher/ psychological coach.
To read the full article, visit: lifecoach-directory.org.uk

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