I'm Not a Naturally Outgoing Person. How Can I Be More Confident?

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updated on Aug 4, 2017

I'm Not a Naturally Outgoing Person. How Can I Be More Confident?

This is how to exude confidence – without shouting about it

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When you picture a confident person, typically you may think of extroverts, unreserved, loud people. However, confidence isn’t about being bold or brash or the centre of attention. True confidence is often much quieter, and comes from an internal belief in your abilities, skills and value. You can become a quietly confident person by embodying some of these characteristics:

Be willing to share your opinion and be wrong.

Speak up for what you believe in, but be able to accept you’re not always right

Don’t feel the need to compare yourself.

Accept your strengths and weaknesses without needing to compare yourself to others to boost self-esteem.

Accept mistakes.

Admitting and taking responsibility for mistakes is a sign of someone who’s comfortable with their self-worth.

Speak up for your wants and needs.

By valuing yourself and your own opinions, a quietly confident you is comfortable in a variety of situations to ask for what you need.

Be open to taking risks.

You don’t need to know you’re 100% able to achieve a goal in order to act and take a chance. You’re confident that whatever the outcome is, you can cope.

Believe in your self-worth.

Give yourself praise and positive feedback, so you need less validation from others.

Accept your vulnerabilities.

By understanding your weaknesses, you’ll be happy to ask for help when needed.

Actively listen.

This means focusing on the other person with a mind clear of distractions so that they feel understood. Quietly confident people often listen more than they speak.

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Written by Jo Painter AC Dip LC NLP Prac MRPharmS.

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