Ideas for the Perfect Night In

Ellen Lees
By Ellen Lees,
updated on Nov 29, 2018

Ideas for the Perfect Night In

It’s time to enjoy your own company. Yep you heard us, it’s a date between you and, well, you

Being busy is trending. Closely followed by being tired. These days, a full schedule seems to be a sign of success, or so we think. But are we really happy with our busy lives? When invited to social occasions, are you more often than not wishing you could stay at home, or at least spend some time on your own?

Human beings crave relationships and socialising, but we also enjoy comfort and ease. How many times do you feel guilty for wanting to say no, or say yes just to get it over with? Perhaps you want to save a bit of cash, but aren’t comfortable saying no to the fifth wedding of the year. Maybe you just want to have an evening to yourself with your new book. Remember, life is about balance, and wanting a night in alone doesn’t make you a bad person. In fact, in some ways, it can make you a better one.

That’s quite a claim, we know, but it is important to spend time on yourself, without the guilt.

So, next time you’re invited out but really don’t fancy it, think “Hakuna matata!” – it means no worries. Your friends won’t disown you for skipping one event. Just tell them you’re busy taking yourself on a date, because, well, you and your mind deserve it.

1. Get some culture

Skipping an event doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Why not go to the theatre to see the show you’ve wanted to watch, or visit an art gallery. Why should you wait for someone to come with you if it’s something you’re interested in? Take some snacks and enjoy the experience.

If that seems too much, why not head to the shops? I love nothing more than a solo shopping trip, with a coffee or lunch for one thrown in.


2. Netflix and chill

Similar to point one, if there’s a film you’ve been dying to see, why not go alone? You don’t talk to anyone during the film anyway (at least we hope not…), but if you’re not quite ready to hit the cinema solo, pick your favourite film and watch it at home. Make yourself a tasty dinner, put your comfies on, and pour yourself a glass of your chosen tipple. Netflix and chill indeed.

3. Sort out your sh*t

Our busy lives can mean that we either procrastinate, or do the more mundane tasks at the weekend, which are supposed to be for relaxing. Remember it’s OK to turn down going out for a bit of life admin sometimes. In fact, studies have shown that some privacy is great for productivity, so why not put on your favourite playlist and do all the things you’ve been meaning to?

4. Time to relax

Of course, it was going to be here somewhere, but many of us need reminding. A pamper night doesn’t just mean a bath bomb and a face mask (although...), it’s about doing what you want to do, and doing the things that relax you. There is nothing wrong with passing up a social event to chill out on your own, so make the most of it. Maybe have an early night, or snuggle up in bed and read a book. Delightful.

5. Get moving

Late-night exercise anyone? You may be laughing, but this can be a really pleasant experience. We’re usually so rushed to go from gym to work to home, or vice versa, that we’re constantly surrounded by people, and fall into a routine. Gyms are pretty empty post-8pm, and it can be an opportunity to try out some of the equipment you’ve otherwise been too worried to use. It’s your very own play area!

Feeling guilty over doing what you want is a horrible way to live. You may spend hours fretting over what your friends or colleagues will think when really, they’ll love you regardless.

If you want to have a day to yourself – whether for your mental health, to tick something off your to-do list, or simply because you’ve had enough of socialising – absolutely do it. Be honest with your friends and suggest catching up another time. Who knows, you may even inspire them to spend more time enjoying their own company too!

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