How to Take Care of Yourself on Election Results Day

Ellen Lees
By Ellen Lees,
updated on Dec 13, 2019

How to Take Care of Yourself on Election Results Day

Worried about the election results? It’s OK to feel this way. Discover what you can do next and how to look after your mental wellbeing

It was the first winter vote since 1923. Team that with the dark days, cold weather and inevitable illness and end-of-year exhaustion, it’s not surprising if, whichever party you voted for, you woke up today feeling a little unsure about the election results.

For some, it’s mere days before we break up for Christmas. We recognise that not everyone is fortunate enough to take time off during the festive season, but this time of year tends to see us all falling a little flat. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is an issue for many, making this time of year even more difficult. Burnout is also a common occurrence, for those of us looking forward to a few days off and a new start in January.

If you are disappointed in the results today, that’s OK. If you voted for the policies you believe in, you did your part. Polling stations across the UK saw queues around the block. According to the thinktank, British Future, the new parliament will have 65 MPs from an ethnic minority background - a record level of ethnic diversity.

Elections aren’t the only way you can make a difference. As author Matt Haig sums up in his latest Instagram post: “Support homeless charities. Donate to food banks. Help tree-planting schemes. Be kind to the vulnerable. Shop ethically. Defend the environment. Support mental health. Be the change you want to manifest into the world.”

If you are worried, disappointed, scared or angry, that’s OK. Allow yourself to feel this way. Talk to friends, colleagues and share your thoughts and opinions. Think about what you can do next to push forward how you want to change the world. But most importantly, take care of yourself.

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