How to Burst the 'Beach Body' Bubble

Ellen Lees
By Ellen Lees,
updated on Jun 1, 2017

How to Burst the 'Beach Body' Bubble

Ignore the beauty magazines.

Forget the advertisements.

This summer belongs to you!

This is a photo of bubbles from waves drifting over the sand on a beach

Are you beach body ready? It’s a question that gets plastered all over the media during the lead-up to summer, and one that often leaves us feeling self-conscious and, well, shit.
But, have you considered this: you already are beach body ready. You are beautiful and strong in this very moment.

Summertime is a tricky time. While we don’t believe in summer shreds or bikini diets, there are ways you can utilise this warm weather boost of motivation. We all want to feel great in our skin. Having an upcoming holiday (or a weekend at the beach) is just the push we need. Here’s our tips for feeling great this summer, in both body and mind:

Praise yourself

We’re all guilty of criticising our bodies. But other than knocking our confidence, this gets us nowhere. Instead of picking out your physical flaws, focus on what you love – whether it’s your strong arms, long legs or beautiful smile. Say these things out loud, complimenting yourself as you would a friend.

Next, stop comparing yourself to others. You may be looking at the person next to you, admiring their confidence and thinking, “I need to eat less to look like them,” but chances are they’re thinking the same thing about you or someone else. Remember, you are special. The trick to feeling great is realising that we’re all unique.

This is a photo of melon with the seeds forming a smiley face

Try summer foods

You don’t need to be on a strict diet before your holiday to look great on the beach. While eating a balanced diet is important for physical health, what we eat affects our mental health too. Not eating enough can be just as detrimental as overeating – you feel tired and sluggish, which can leave anyone feeling low in confidence.

It’s important that you eat enough and fuel your body with the nutrients it needs. Summer brings many foods into season, with asparagus, raspberries and watermelon being at their best – so make the most of them! Experiment with new recipes, include plenty of fresh seasonal ingredients. We know this can be easier said than done, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask your friends to support your journey, or consider speaking to a nutrition professional.

Keep on the move

We know that being active is good for us, but physical health and mental health are closely linked, and regular exercise is important for both. However, putting pressure on yourself to hit the gym every day of the week can be overwhelming. Your mental health may take a hit. We advise keeping it balanced. Utilise the glorious summer weather (early dawns, late sunsets) to go for long walks with friends or head out dancing. Combining physical exercise with friends also means making memories. You’ll be having fun and your body and mind will reap the benefits.

This is a photo of a glass of iced water on the beach

Feel great

Finally, the most important thing to remember is what we said at the beginning – that you are already beach body ready. Being happy, free and confident in your own skin will leave you glowing all over, and looking after your physical health will only make you feel even better. Take care, have fun and enjoy a fantastic June!

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