How Crystals Can Brighten Your Life (Even for Non-believers!)

Amy Jackson
By Amy Jackson,
updated on Aug 11, 2017

How Crystals Can Brighten Your Life (Even for Non-believers!)

We’ve all seen those chunks of purple Amethyst in people’s homes. But what are they actually used for?

Several crystals laid out on a table including rose quartz, smoky quartz

If you’ve ever visited an alternative healing shop, chances are you’ve seen heart-shaped pink stones and clear quartz crystals on the shelves. As a great believer in the power of crystals for healing and relaxation, I’ve always encouraged others to investigate them for themselves. It’s not for everyone, and although crystals are used in computers and watches, even the toughest cynic will admit the worst thing you can say about crystals is that they’re only beautiful objects. So, for those who are curious, here’s how you can use them in your everyday life:

1. Jewellery

One of the easiest ways to incorporate crystals into your life is with jewellery. Not only are they beautiful accessories, but it allows you to place the crystal as close to you as you can get it: right on your person. (If you don’t want to wear it you can always pop it into your pocket.) Amethyst is one of my favourites to wear as a necklace when I have a headache or a stiff neck.

Woman wading in the sea, wearing crystals in jewellery

2. Workspace

If you want to have crystals near and around you, but don’t want to wear them, you can always dot them around your workspace, where you spend a lot of your time. They are still close enough for you to reap the calming benefits, and it’s also an invitation to pick them up regularly throughout the day. The physical act of picking up your crystals can also be used as an anchor to promote mindfulness, like a little reminder to have a pause in your day, and be present in the moment.

3. Meditation

When you begin to explore crystals, and you delve into their individual properties, you can start to incorporate them into your meditation practices. For example, if you want to relax you may want to choose Aventurine. If you want to focus, you may choose Citrine. If you want to build your self-love, you may choose Rose Quartz. And if you want to build your confidence, you may choose Turquoise.

4. Travelling

I always take my crystals on my travels, even if they are just in my bag. I am not the biggest fan of flying, and I even get anxious when having to catch a train. Some specific crystals I have for travelling have certain shapes that fit comfortably in my hand. Not only does the property of the crystal relax me, but also the act of comfortably rubbing the crystal in my hand is soothing. A good choice for a travelling crystal is Malachite.

citrine crystal

5. At home

I know a lot of people who use their crystals at home, display them on an altar, or form a crystal grid. They are usually placed with other crystals (and objects) that you hold dear, or even with your vision board. If this isn’t for you, then place them anywhere as decoration, and touch them often. Choose crystals that you are drawn to for your home. And even if you don’t believe in their properties, they are wonderful objects to fit with your décor!

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